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Drake Makes Surprise Appearance On The YouTuber IShowSpeed’s Live Stream

todayFebruary 17, 2023 3212 45

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The acclaimed YouTuber iShowSpeed experienced a once-in-a-lifetime moment during a recent live stream when he was unexpectedly joined by world-renowned rapper Drake. The surprise appearance quickly drew an impressive 50,000 viewers, leaving both the host and his followers ecstatic.

Despite his popularity, the social media influencer couldn't help but show his excitement as he greeted on the stream. He was thrilled to be chatting with his favorite rapper and told him, “You look great right now. What's up? You look, good bro, what are you doing right now?”

Drake replied, “I'm proud of you boy,” which made even more excited. “You proud of me?” he asked, unable to contain his excitement.

The pair exchanged pleasantries and talked about a range of topics, including the ongoing debate between football stars Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.iShowSpeed and Drake shared a mutual admiration for Ronaldo, much to the delight of their followers.

iShowSpeed agreed with Drake's choice and said, “You a Ronaldo fan too bro? Hey, look, every time I meet everybody, they are like, ‘Messi's better,' but bro, you are special bro, you are a special individual bro, you are different.”


Drake then expressed his admiration for iShowSpeed and his work, saying, “I got a lot of love for you man. Like I said, I'm proud of you.”

The two had an enjoyable conversation, but the mood quickly shifted when iShowSpeed began showering Drake with compliments. Drizzy left the live stream suddenly after becoming uncomfortable with some of the compliments that iShowSpeed was giving him.

The conversation came to an abrupt end when iShowSpeed made an awkward comment. “Bro, your voice is so sexy, like bro how is it smooth like that?” he said to Drake, which made the rapper apparently uncomfortable and left the live stream.

After the , iShowSpeed addressed his followers on social media and expressed his regret over what had happened. The social media influencer clarified that he didn't mean anything inappropriate and that it was a misunderstanding.


iShowSpeed started cursing and throwing punches at his chair, frustrated with his mistake. “He's not going to answer the phone again bro. I didn't mean it. I said it wrong. I meant to say his voice is smooth but I said it wrong. Oh God, I said it wrong,” he told his viewers.

, iShowSpeed will surely cherish the experience of chatting with Drake for a long time to come.

iShowSpeed's dream of having Drake on his live stream finally came true, bringing him and his fans an unforgettable moment. For a content creator, having a celebrity of Drake's caliber on his platform can be a game-changer, allowing for greater exposure and potential growth.

The experience also highlights the power of social media and the potential for viral moments that can propel an individual to stardom. For iShowSpeed, it was a moment that he will cherish forever, and a testament to the hard work and dedication he has put into building his brand.

As for Drake, the interaction may have been brief, but demonstrates his willingness to engage with up-and-coming creators and support the next generation of content creators.

In the end, iShowSpeed's dream comes true, and having Drake on his live stream serves as an inspiration to aspiring content creators everywhere. It shows that with hard work, dedication, and a bit of luck, anything is possible.

Written by: Silvia Tine

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