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Cuzzxo’s Live Video Exposes Chrisean Rock and the Truth about Baddies East Audition

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The highly anticipated auditions for “Baddies East” commenced on Friday, May 12th, hosted by none other than the executive producer and instigator extraordinaire, Natalie Nunn. However, staying true to the spirit of the hit Zeus network series, chaos and drama unfolded, both on and offstage, making it a memorable event for all the wrong reasons. Let's dive into the fights, brawls, and everything in between that transpired at the Baddies East auditions.

The audition venue became a battlefield, with clashes erupting not only outside but also within the premises. From judges to prospective cast members, tensions ran high, resulting in an array of physical altercations that soon went viral on social media. The auditions lived up to their reputation as a hot mess, leaving no shortage of dramatic moments.

The auditions showcased a star-studded panel of judges, including Nunn, Tokyo Toni, , Rubi Rose, and the prescreen judges Biggie, Rollie, Scotty, Cat, and Lo London. Taking charge as the official host was the talented Janeisha John.

However, the auditions quickly turned chaotic as fights and brawls erupted both inside and outside the venue. Tensions ran high among participants. The event became a hotbed of drama, capturing the attention of onlookers and social media users alike.

Drama ensues as Chrisean Rock, girlfriend of rapper Blueface and expectant mother, finds herself entangled in a web of scandal and controversy. Recently, one of 's alleged side chicks, known as , came forward with shocking revelations about their affair, leading to a public feud that has left fans and gossip enthusiasts buzzing.

It all started a few weeks ago when Cuzzxo, a former star of Zeus Network's “Blue Girls Club” Season 5, decided to expose her nearly year-long entanglement with Blueface. According to Cuzzxo, she and Blueface had been involved in a secret relationship, which included lavish outings and even a vacation together in Puerto Rico.

In a recent live video of Cuzzxo, she revealed shocking details about the events that unfolded during the Baddies East audition. The upcoming rapper disclosed the details of her altercation with Rock. Cuzzxo vehemently denied any involvement in physical violence towards a pregnant woman but described a tense situation that unfolded during auditions.

According to Cuzzxo, the confrontation began when she encountered Rock in the bathroom. Cuzzxo clarified that she would never resort to physical harm, particularly against a pregnant woman. Cuzzxo claimed that Chrisean, fueled by jealousy over her relationship with Blueface, orchestrated an ambush with the help of Chrisean's friend Marsh. Despite the alleged attack, Cuzzxo asserted her resilience and maintained her composure, emphasizing her own beauty and urging Rock to focus on her child instead of instigating conflicts.

“This is what first happened,” Cuzzxo explained. “I went to the bathroom and saw her (Chrisean). I would never in my life put my hands on no goddamn pregnant woman.”

Cuzzxo recounted the events, stating, “She kept side-eyeing me, and then she goes over there with this b*tch Marsh, pointing at me, saying, ‘Yeah, that's her right there.'”

The live video continued with Cuzzxo delving into her relationship with Blueface, dropping bombshell after bombshell. She revealed that she had been involved with the rapper for almost a year, even sharing a vacation together in Puerto Rico. Cuzzxo alleged that Chrisean's insecurities led her to continuously contact Blueface, attempting to gather information and potentially creating further issues between them.

In a startling revelation, Cuzzxo claimed that Rock lacked control over her own finances, with Blueface allegedly exerting significant control over her money and personal affairs. She painted a picture of a woman dependent on the rapper, devoid of basic identification documents such as a bank account, ID, or driver's license. Cuzzxo asserted that she made the decision to distance herself from Blueface out of self-respect, but acknowledged that she briefly rekindled their relationship due to Chrisean's pregnancy.

“She don't even have a bank account all that money is going to him she don't have an ID she don't have a driver's
license she don't have sh*t that's why he controls her money”: Cuzzxo explained.

As news of Cuzzxo's live video spread, tensions escalated further within the “Baddies East” auditions. Speculation arose regarding footage captured during the auditions, particularly a reported physical altercation between Rock and Cuzzxo.

Rumors circulated that Marsh, who was alleged with Chrisean during the auditions, engaged in a physical altercation with her. Anonymous sources claimed that the was caught on camera and would be aired as part of the “Baddies East” series, mirroring the drama that unfolded during previous seasons.

Cuzzxo did not hold back, also asserting that Rock had expelled other girls associated with her from their shared space. Additionally, Cuzzxo hinted at a past romantic involvement with Blueface, suggesting a complex dynamic between the parties involved. These revelations left viewers captivated and eager for further insights into the escalating love triangle.

The relationship between Blueface and Chrisean has been thrust into the spotlight once again, as Cuzzxo, comes forward with a series of explosive revelations. Adding fuel to the fire, Rock is currently almost six months pregnant with Blueface's child, making the situation even more complicated and scandalous.

As the tension mounts, it remains uncertain how Blueface will address the situation, as he has remained relatively silent thus far. The rapper's recent social media posts hint at a nonchalant attitude.

Baddies: Tv Series

The “Baddies East” auditions shed light on the potential dangers and damaging effects of reality shows, particularly those featured on the Zeus network. These shows often depict young black girls fighting and emphasize drama to cater to viewers' desires for entertainment.

While aspiring artists may see these shows as opportunities for exposure, it is important to consider the long-term consequences. Participating, in reality, shows like this can have lasting effects on one's career and image, as the public's perception of individuals involved in such dramatic confrontations often lingers.

The potential for serious injuries or harm is a real concern, and it is crucial to acknowledge that Zeus Network or any other reality show production company may not assume responsibility for the actions and well-being of the participants.

It is essential for aspiring talents to carefully evaluate the potential risks before embarking on such shows. Fame and recognition can be achieved through various avenues, and relying on platforms that exploit conflict and danger may not be the best path. True talent will shine through regardless of these sensationalized reality shows.

Ultimately, the decision to participate in shows like “Baddies” rests with the individuals involved. It is crucial to prioritize personal safety, mental well-being, and long-term career prospects over the allure of temporary fame.

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Written by: Silvia Tine

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