French Rapper “Nefkeu” you need to know !!

Written by on October 16, 2017


Nekfeu also known as Nekflamme, Nek le Fennek, Ken Samaras (born 3 April 1990) is a French rapper as a solo act signed to the record label Kdbzik in addition to being part of the French rap band 1995, also known as “un, neuf, neuf, cinq”, “un, double neuf, cinq” and “ninetyfive gang” established in 2008 as P.O.S. and name changed to “1995” in 2010. Other members are Alpha Wann, Areno Jaz, Fonky Flav’, Sneazzy West and DJ Lo’.

He started as a member of the group S-Crew also including childhood friends Malfrat, Mekhra, Morpion and de 2Zer Washington. Rapping starting 2007, he joined rap band 1995 participating in the open mike duels around Paris. He was part of the musical project 5 Majeur.

Besides 2 EPs with 1995 (La Source in 2011 and Le Suite in 2012) and the album Paris Sud Minute in 2013 becoming a prominent , Nekfeu appeared in the music video for “Dans ta ressoi” with Alpha Wann (another member of 1995). has been keen in releasing his own materials and had chart success with solo single “TIME B.O.M.B.” in 2014 and “Egérie” in 2015.



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