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Gunfire ruined Lil Baby’s concert – Young Dolph’s cousin was one of the people injured

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Lil Baby‘s concert in went from 0 to 100 really quickly. Gunshots popped off inside the FedExForum on a Thursday night, catchin' everyone off guard. It left one person blasted and in bad shape, and the fans were straight-up losing their minds in total shock and disbelief.

, the hip-hop star, was in the zone, giving an epic show when the unexpected went down. Outta nowhere, some mystery shooter started poppin' off rounds in the place. The rapper got pulled off the stage real quick, and security was all over the place trying to handle the messed-up situation.

Video footage caught those crazy moments as paramedics rushed to help the victim, rolling him out on a stretcher through a crowd of freaked-out fans. It was total chaos and folks were all kinds of confused as they dashed out of the spot, just trying to get away from the madness that crashed their party.

The victim, identified as CEO Jizzle and believed to be the cousin of the late Young Dolph, was immediately rushed to a local hospital, where they were initially listed in critical condition. Thankfully, there's some relief in the update that the victim's condition has since improved and is no longer critical, providing a glimmer of hope amid the grim situation.

CEO Jizzle dropped a message straight from his hospital bed, letting everyone know he's staying strong and ain't letting nobody take him down. He also sent out a plea to all the blogs and media out there, asking them to give him some space.


In another video CEO Jizzle sent a strong message to his opps. He straight-up said: “Pray for me, but pray for the opps ten times harder.”

As of now, the gunman responsible for this heinous act remains at large, and authorities have yet to reveal any motive behind the shocking . The lack of information surrounding the suspect has left both fans and the public at large on edge, as they await updates from law enforcement.

reached out to Lil Baby's representatives for any comments or statements regarding the incident, but as of this writing, there has been no response. The rapper, known for his chart-topping hits, must have been deeply shaken by the incident.

Nevertheless, Lil Baby made sure to communicate with his fans, sharing the following message: “Unfortunately I Couldn't Perform Last Night In Memphis , Ima Make Sure Everybody Gets A Refund Tho.”

Additionally, it's crucial to mention that Rylo Rodriguez was the special guest rocking the stage with Lil Baby when this terrible incident went down. Rylo, who was doing his thing right alongside Lil Baby, got caught up in the chaos when them shots started popping off. This unexpected violence totally messed up what was supposed to be a memorable night of .

Furthermore, vids of the whole incident been goin' round on social media, givin' us a real good look at how the whole spot went nuts. It's hard to even picture the fear and chaos that took over the crowd when them shots rang out.


This just shows how live events can throw you some wild curveballs, even for the artists. It's all about keeping it professional, but you never know what might go down out there.

As the investigation proceeds, we hope that law enforcement will capture the individual behind this senseless act and provide answers to this incident. In the meantime, our hearts go out to CEO Jizzle, the victim, their families, as well as Lil Baby, , and everyone who was present that night. The incident has left a lasting impact on their evening, and we stand in solidarity with them.

Written by: Silvia Tine

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