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Hassan Campbell’s Live Shooting Hoax? Flakko Breaks Down the Deception

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In a recent YouTube video, former host expresses skepticism about the authenticity of a live video where Hassan Campbell claims to have been shot in the Bronx, New York. Flakko delves into the background of Hassan, criticizing his past actions and questioning the validity of his recent .

Poetik Flakko begins by discussing Hassan's entry into YouTube, shedding light on his initial intentions of saving kids and narrating his experience of alleged abuse by pioneer Afrika Bambaataa during his childhood. However, Flakko points out that the toxic nature of YouTube, especially in the sector Hassan was involved in, led to ridicule and mockery of his vulnerable revelations

The YouTuber describes how Hassan's response to online criticism took a toxic turn towards self-snitching and storytelling. Flakko references instances where Hassan claimed to have prevented multiple murders, cried on camera, and engaged in theatrical interviews that, over time, may have desensitized his audience.

The turning point, according to Flakko, was Hassan's real-life confrontations, particularly an incident in Bronx River where Hassan brandished a gun during a confrontation. Flakko suggests that Hassan's actions were geared towards portraying himself as a tough individual who couldn't be mocked.

Flakko goes on to detail how Hassan allegedly staged , including calling the police after claiming to have disarmed an assassin. The skepticism intensifies as Flakko questions the credibility of Hassan's recent claim of being shot during a live stream.


The video analysis points out several inconsistencies and dramatic elements in Hassan's behavior, leading Flakko to conclude that this might be another attempt by Hassan to generate content.

As the video progresses, Flakko breaks down the supposed livestream where Hassan talks about getting shot. He points out some oddities, like the lack of real-time interactions and a suspicious jump cut that suggests the content was pre-recorded but presented as live.

Flakko speculates on Hassan's intention, proposing that the grand finale might be a planned disappearance from the internet, with Hassan re-emerging for an epic live stream. The video concludes with Flakko expressing doubts about Hassan's credibility and the potential impact on his reputation.

In essence, Poetik Flakko's analysis raises questions about the veracity of 's recent live video, suggesting a potential theatrical element to generate attention and content.


Meanwhile, the internet is buzzing with news about Hassan Campbell's alleged shooting, triggering a flood of speculation and rumors. Clout chasers have seized the moment to amplify the situation, with some going so far as to spread the false claim that Hassan has met his demise—a statement contradicted by available evidence.

So, looking at what just went down, makes you think about how the media really molds the stories about violence. We usually point fingers at rap for this, but guys like Hassan show that even if you're not some big shot if your tale is linked to rap or hip-hop, you're gonna hit the headlines. The media's got this knack for blowing up specific stories and shaping how we all see things – it's a big deal in our right now.

As the Hassan Campbell saga plays out, the online community is split between skepticism and curiosity. If you want to dive into the details, you can watch the video here below.

Poetik Flakko: Hassan Campbell Faking His Death On Live Stream

Written by: Silvia Tine

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