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J. Stone’s New Movie ‘Bomb Pizza’ Now Available To Watch

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South Central L.A. rapper has jumped into the film game with his fresh comedy “Bomb Pizza.” Directed by Dale A. Stelly and written by Darnell Russell, this flick is brought to life by Stelly Entertainment, and guess what? It's up for grabs for free on Tubi TV, the go-to spot for streaming without reaching for your wallet, in the good ol' US of A.

The film follows the story of Piece, who, in a twist of fate, starts a gigolo pizza delivery business. Two-second thoughts later, Piece finds himself delivering pizza to none other than the iconic , who unveils the ultimate pizza recipe. Stelly Entertainment expressed their enthusiasm, stating, “I put my heart and soul into making this movie. It's an LA classic fasho!! Thanks to everyone that helped make this happen!!!”

The ensemble is further enriched by the inclusion of the dynamic actor Marcus Paulk and Lil Eazy-E. Starring alongside are familiar faces from the music industry, including , Burger, and a surprising appearance by the late rapper . The star-studded lineup also features the talents of Jackie Long, Vida Guerra, Sabrina Perez, , and, of course, the man himself, J. Stone. Together, this diverse and talented cast brings the comedy “Bomb Pizza” to life, ensuring a memorable viewing experience.

What sets “Bomb Pizza” apart is not just its star-studded ensemble but also its killer soundtrack, curated by the great J. Stone. The movie is filled with dope tracks, and the soundtrack, featuring 18 mind-blowing songs, is available on all major streaming platforms. Collaborations with artists like Marcus Paulk, Garren, , Gi Joe OMG, Blxst, Baron Davis, Killa Twan, and Nino Brown add extra flavor to the musical experience.

As J. Stone continues to rock the film and music scenes with “Bomb Pizza,” he's not hitting the brakes. Just check his latest post on Instagram where he spilled the beans on the official tracklist for his next big thing, “The Definition of Success.” This album is like the grand finale of his Definition Series, and mark your calendars because it's hitting the airwaves tomorrow 11/22. And guess what? Fans can snag a pre-order of this highly anticipated album right now. Get ready for some serious vibes!

The Definition of Success” boasts an impressive lineup on both sides. Side A features collaborations with , Dave East, and even includes a posthumous appearance by the late Nipsey Hussle. On Side B, J. Stone teams up with Garren, , Dom Kennedy, and Trae Tha Truth, promising a diverse and powerful listening experience.

J. Stone's year has been a wild ride, no doubt. First, he hits us with the hilarious “Bomb Pizza” and its killer soundtrack, and now, we're gearing up for the big release of “The Definition of Success.” This folks is making serious moves, not just in the music game but also in the film scene. The hip-hop community is coming together to back him up, and it's more than just making a splash—it's like he's causing an earthquake that's gonna be felt for years. Keep your eyes peeled and see the transformation of a real artist in action.

As the excitement around J. Stone's ventures continues to build, fans are eagerly anticipating the release of “The Definition of Success.” The album's carefully crafted tracklist and the diverse range of featured artists suggest that J. Stone is not only closing out his Definition Series on a high note but also solidifying his position as a powerhouse in the hip-hop and rap scene.

Fans are buzzing with excitement for “The Definition of Success,” and it's all over social media. J. Stone dropped the tracklist on Instagram, and the comments section exploded with followers sharing their hype for what's shaping up to be one of the hottest albums of the year.

As we approach the album's release date, it's worth noting the significance of J. Stone's collaborations. The inclusion of posthumous verses from Nipsey Hussle adds a poignant touch, reminding listeners of the enduring impact the late rapper had on the industry. Additionally, the diverse array of artists featured on both sides of the album speaks to J. Stone's ability to collaborate across sub-genres, creating a project that transcends traditional boundaries.

Bomb Pizza: The Movie is Available on Tubi TV.

Keeping it real in support of the hip-hop fam, Stelly Entertainment dropped his flick “Bomb Pizza” for free watch on Tubi TV. It ain't just about vibing with the fans; it's about knowing in today's digital world. Tubi's the spot, reaching all corners, and Stelly Entertainment makes sure everyone, no matter the budget, can catch his work. No paywalls, just pure love for the people.

Tubi Tv, the largest free movie and TV streaming service in the US, is a game-changer in the entertainment industry. Offering on-demand content without the need for a monthly subscription, Tubi inserts ads strategically to generate revenue.

The platform's availability on various devices, including Android, iOS, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Xfinity X1, Xbox, Samsung Smart TVs, Sony Smart TVs, PlayStation, and the web, ensures that users can enjoy the content seamlessly.

While Tubi may not produce original or live content at the moment, its role in democratizing entertainment by providing free, quality streaming services is undeniable.

Stelly Entertainment's decision to release “Bomb Pizza” on Tubi reflects a commitment to reaching fans without financial barriers, making the movie readily available to anyone with an internet connection and a screen.

J. Stone's recent projects are like puzzle pieces that fit together, forming a bigger story than just individual drops. The movie, the soundtrack, and the soon-to-drop album are all part of a tale about an artist who's not settling for the usual. J. Stone is making his mark in entertainment, creating a space where his influence stretches beyond music charts and reaches into the world of cinema.

With “The Definition of Success” dropping on 11/22, the hype in the hip-hop community is reaching new heights. J. Stone's knack for keeping us all glued with his storytelling, whether through visuals or beats, highlights the real strength of artists who stay true to their art. It's not just about making noise; it's about leaving a mark, and J. Stone looks ready to make a lasting impact. So, circle that date on your calendar and get ready for the epic finale of the Definition Series—a musical ride that's bound to go down in history.

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Written by: Silvia Tine

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