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Jacksonville Shooter’s Disturbing Scheme to Kill Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly

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Startling revelations from recent document disclosures have unveiled the unsettling motives of the Jacksonville Dollar General shooter, Ryan Christopher Palmeter. The documents expose Palmeter's disturbing plan to target rap icons Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly. The tragic events of August 26 saw Palmeter take the lives of three Black individuals before his own. His manifesto, detailing his alarming intentions, underscores the gravity of his calculated violence.

Lions Ground reported newly emerged documents have cast a chilling light on the intentions of the Jacksonville Dollar General shooter, Ryan Christopher Palmeter. The disturbing revelation reveals Palmeter's plans to target rap artists and Machine Gun Kelly. The racially-motivated shooting, occurring on Saturday, August 26, resulted in the tragic loss of three Black lives before Palmeter took his own.

Palmeter's manifesto, authored by the white man responsible for the Jacksonville Dollar General tragedy, unveils his extremist beliefs and unsettling desires. The document outlines his ambition to incite a race war and shows admiration for past terrorists like Timothy McVeigh, Anders Breivik, and Seung-Hui Cho.

High-profile musicians Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly were among Palmeter's targeted figures. In his writings, he addressed Eminem under various aliases and expressed the intention to harm him due to perceived changes in his lyrics. RollingStone shared Palmeter's words, stating:

Eminem (aka Marshall Mathers, aka Slim Shady aka Ken Keniff, aka the white guy from D12): Stared the abyss (being ni–dly) and the abyss stared back (becoming a ni—er). Walks the edge of ni–er lover and honorary ni–er. Fell off not because his new stuff sucked but because the lyrics were gay annoying liberal shit. ROE for Total Ni–er Death is to include Eminem (aka Marshall Mathers, aka Slim Shady aka Ken Keniff, aka the white guy from D12) as a valid target and he is to be killed on sight.”

Palmeter's writings provide insight into his disturbing beliefs and motivations. He expressed a desire for a race war and even praised other mass murderers for their actions. He held the extremist group the Boogaloo Boys in contempt, labeling them as “larpers,” individuals who engage in role-playing to spread hate.


Despite acting alone in the Dollar General attack, Palmeter's writings reveal a concerning pattern of drawing inspiration from past mass killers. His manifesto also mentioned Justice Clarence Thomas and Timothy McVeigh, painting a disconcerting picture of his mindset.

Law enforcement officials emphasize that such attacks often stem from hate and aren't isolated . The FBI has initiated an investigation into the shooting as a hate crime, demonstrating a commitment to thwarting racially-motivated violence. The content of the manifesto accentuates the urgency of addressing such issues and fostering a more inclusive society.

In the aftermath of the tragic Jacksonville Dollar General shooting, the chilling revelations from the shooter's manifesto offer a glimpse into his hateful ideology and disturbing motivations. The attack claimed the lives of three Black individuals, including Angela Michelle Carr, Anolt Joseph “AJ” Laguerre Jr., and Jerrald Gallion, prompting law enforcement to categorize it as a hate crime.

Jacksonville reveals a racially motivated Dollar General store shooting by Ryan Christopher Palmeter, highlighting the need for vigilance and swift communication to prevent similar tragedies.

The whole creepy thing about the shooter going after big-name folks like Eminem and just shows how tough it is to fight against racism-driven violence and extremism, and now the authorities are ramping up their investigation to stop any more of these hate-fueled acts from happening.

Written by: Heathcliff Spencer Peters

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