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Jess Hilarious Calls The Breakfast Club Hosts ‘Trash’ Amid Co-Host Negotiations

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Comedian Jess Hilarious finds herself amid a media storm after prematurely announcing that she would become the permanent host on . This bold declaration, made without a signed contract or official confirmation, has led to a series of contract issues with iHeart, the network behind the popular morning radio show.

has been vocal about her dissatisfaction with the compensation offered, raising speculation that financial disagreements may be the primary reason for her absence from The Breakfast Club. It appears that Jess may have presented a figure that iHeart deemed too high, leading to a standoff as negotiations continue.

Back on December 23, 2023, Jess Hilarious was all pumped up, spilling the beans about possibly taking over Angele Yee's spot at an event in Baltimore. But now, it looks like jumping the gun with that announcement might have led to her getting kicked out of the running.

Despite the contract hurdles, The Breakfast Club hosts, and , have taken an unconventional approach to support Jess Hilarious. They have been applying public pressure on iHeart to secure her as the third co-host. This includes a staged segment expressing frustration at iHeart's delay and a public plea for her inclusion.

In a recent encounter with TMZ, Charlamagne maintained a stance of uncertainty, claiming, “We said we were going to start 2024 with a new co-host; it hasn't happened yet. We don't want anyone else but Jess, and I don't know what's going on.” However, his long-standing partnership with iHeart and their extensive collaboration over the years raises questions about his true level of awareness regarding the negotiations.

The drama took an amusing turn when Charlamagne and DJ Envy compared SZA to in a segment, prompting a response from Jess Hilarious. The comedian took to Instagram to share her thoughts. In her reaction, she dismissed the comparison, stating, “These n***s trash. Envy shut up! I know artists be pissed when old heads do this bc now everybody negatively comparing to MJB and it ain't even her fault! She has her own identity already.” This added another layer to the ongoing narrative surrounding Jess's potential co-host position.

Despite all the drama playing out in the open, it's still up in the air whether iHeart will cough up the cash Jess Hilarious is looking for and officially bring her on as The Breakfast Club's third co-host. Charlamagne and DJ Envy's strategic maneuvers, making sure their names stay in the mix, suggest a well-thought-out plan to sway iHeart's call. As the whole saga unfolds, fans are waiting to see how things pan out and if Jess will finally snag that sought-after offer to join the iconic morning show.

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Written by: Silvia Tine

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