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Jim Jones experienced bad customer service at Gucci

todayFebruary 9, 2022 501 5

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Jim Jones and the Store

Jones believes he was racially profiled and disrespected by the Gucci store management during a shopping trip.

In a post on Instagram Jones expressed his bad experience with the customer service at Gucci.

Jones wrote: “And just like tht shit went bad in gucci I was more hurt tht th black people was treating us like tht more thn anything
Very racy and all we wanted was some water sparkling water cause I was parched to be been shoppin for a long time I'm usually drunk by time I leave stores like this cause they be servin tht Champaign smh 🤦‍♂️
This man literally spent over 100k in there in th last 3 months and this is how they handle him nasty
I told him leave tht Shit on th counter we out gucci be movin dusty
Lol Shit is hilarious it never stops”

In the video, highlights how a Gucci sales employee never arrived to assist him. The rapper said that he and his colleagues were not given complimentary drinks or VIP treatment and that when he requested to speak to a manager, he was met with a black employee who he suspected was racially profiling him.

Jones and his entourage eventually left the Gucci store and went to Bergdorf Goodman, a high-end store where he claims he was treated significantly better and offered complimentary champagne.

“Ask for @chrisoff5th if u shoppin at bergdorf they got th drip but most of all they got th hospitality and Champaign and bergdorf water and he ask me if I was hungry ok I'm gassin it now but they had th Champaign n sparkling water”

After his shopping, Jones went to Instagram again to express his displeasure with Gucci, claiming that the brand owes him and 5ive Mics an apology.

“On a serious note I can't make this shit up so after eveyrhing tht happen today we go to shoot th final scene at @5ive_mics pent house and he has his whole kitchen livin room and lounge draped in gucci wall paper wich he purchased from gucci in anticipation of us wearing all th gucci Shit we was gone buy for this scene wow gucci really some suckers
And for those lookin I'm from th outside sayin this is some rich privilege Shit it's really not it's about treatin people with respect no matter th race or Wht u may think u know about a person
And for people sayin Thts spending money foolishly u never know wht a person been through so u should never worry bout Wht a person does wit his
I tell all my Nighas th same thing I hope u put some up for a rainy day and take care of ur family n responsibilities
Besides tht we only live once ball as hard as u want
Gucci owe @5ive_mics and apology for starters and they fucked our scene up smh 🤦‍♂️ we was still dripping from th floor to th door 🚪 lol

Had a blast today haven't had this much fun in a king time”

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Written by: Silvia Tine

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