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Joe Budden Addresses Soulja Boy’s Recent Rant Against New Jersey Fans

todayApril 6, 2023 1726 44

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Joe Budden recently discussed the Soulja Boy with his New Jersey fans during his podcast. The incident involved a in which random people in New Jersey were asked if they would rather have $250 in food stamps or dinner with . The video went viral on social media, showing that all the ladies in the video chose food stamps over dinner with the rapper. Soulja responded with a video in which he cursed out his New Jersey fans and said he would never come to the city again.

In the viral video, 856 Entertainment was seen asking random ladies in New Jersey a very thought-provoking question – “250 on food stamps or dinner with Soulja Boy?” Surprisingly, the overwhelming majority of the women chose food stamps over the opportunity to have dinner with the famous rapper.

In the video, one woman was asked the question and without hesitating, responded with “Food stamps.” Another woman explained her choice, stating that she would rather have food stamps because she believes Soulja Boy is a nobody and that she could have dinner by herself. Another woman echoed similar sentiments and said, “I don't give a f*** about that corny ass n**a.” It's evident that these women were not impressed with the idea of having dinner with Soulja Boy.

As the host of the 856 Entertainment continued to ask the question to other women in the area, the trend continued with most women choosing food stamps over dinner with the rapper. One woman even went as far as to say that Soulja Boy is not relevant anymore and that she would prefer to have food stamps instead.

then gave his take on the matter, saying that his problem with Soulja Boy was that he did not appreciate how valuable food stamps are. He added: “For real, what's his problem? As I age, I don't want to hang around with this grumpy for nothing.”

The co-hosts also gave their opinions about Soulja Boy's reaction. They suggested that if he had been present, the women would have acted differently and that they were only saying it for clout.

Co-host, , also weighed in on the matter, saying that Soulja Boy felt bad because he thought nobody was taking him seriously. He added that Soulja Boy had put in a lot of work, and he deserved better.

Following the backlash from his initial rant about the video of the ladies choosing food stamps, Soulja Boy's peers advised him to apologize to his fans in New Jersey. They reminded him that he has a lot of supporters in the state and that there was no need to create unnecessary drama. Soulja took their advice and went on social media to apologize, but he couldn't resist reading some negative comments and going off on the people of New Jersey once again.

The rapper began his apology by admitting that he overreacted in the video. However, after reading negative comments from people who were hating on him during his live stream, he quickly changed his tone and resumed his cursing of the people of New Jersey. He even went as far as to curse several media outlets, including Double XL, , WordStar, Say Cheese, and .

Soulja said, “Y'all can die, Y'all got me f*cked up” and went ahead to say, “Stop playing with my name. Ain't never coming to your city. Don't ever say my name in your video. F*ck New Jersey and everything y'all stand for. Y'all ain't sh*t. Y'all ain't never be sh*t.”

Budden offered his thoughts, stating, “Soulja Boy, I'm sure that you didn't mean that but you probably won't be in Jersey anytime soon.”

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Written by: Silvia Tine

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