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Joseline Hernandez and Big Lex in Backstage Brawl: Chaos Ensues at FLA Live Arena

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On Sunday night, June 11th, things got really intense on stage and backstage at the FLA Live Arena after the boxing match between John Gotti Jr. and Floyd Mayweather. While chaos was happening in the ring, reality TV star Joseline Hernandez and another cast member named Big Lex got into a serious fight backstage. It was a violent confrontation that added, even more, craziness to the whole situation.

The exhibition fight between and John Gotti III turned into a chaotic brawl when the referee decided to call off the match due to excessive trash-talking and the use of abusive language.

During the fight, both fighters started talking trash and using abusive language. Referee Kenny Bayless had to step in and warn them during the middle rounds. The tension kept building, and by the time the sixth round came around, things got even more intense. The fighters continued with their rough tactics and exchanging heated words, and that's when Bayless decided to stop the fight altogether.

Disregarding the referee's efforts to stop the fight, Gotti was about to strike again in which a scuffle erupted, capturing everyone's attention.

The unexpected turn when Gotti suddenly charged at Mayweather caused a huge commotion, with people from both sides rushing into the ring and throwing punches in the midst of all the chaos. Security had to step in promptly to escort Gotti and Mayweather out of the ring to restore order.


But the fighting didn't stop there. More fights broke out inside and outside the ring, and Mayweather's team had to ask the fans to leave calmly and without causing any more trouble over the loudspeakers.

VS Big Lex

Amidst the chaos unfolding on stage, an equally intense altercation took place backstage between reality star Joseline Hernandez and Big Lex. Sources reveal that tensions had been brewing between the two, culminating in a physical confrontation behind the scenes.


It was complete chaos when Joseline and Big Lex got into a fight. People who saw it happen said it was wild. Apparently, they've had a going on for a while now. Word is, Big Lex had been teasing Joseline online ever since she left Joseline's cabaret show. And things got even worse when Big Lex supposedly got into fights with other girls before Joseline stepped in. That's what set off the whole thing.

Witnesses at the scene describe a concerning situation where Big Lex appeared tired or drunk and couldn't defend herself properly against Joseline's aggressive actions. Joseline allegedly put Big Lex in a strong chokehold, causing onlookers to urge her to stop. The video footage of the altercation reveals the intensity and disturbing nature of the confrontation.

The recent backstage fight between the Puerto Rican Princess and Big Lex has sparked even more criticism directed at the Zeus Network. People are increasingly questioning the platform, accusing it of deliberately orchestrating conflicts among its cast members and prioritizing sensational drama solely for financial gain.


The decision to invite Big Lex to the event, despite knowing that Joseline would be displeased, has sparked concerns and fueled speculation about Zeus' potential involvement. Some are questioning whether the network deliberately engineered the confrontation to generate drama and attract a larger audience. This has ignited a debate about the network's true intentions and whether they played a significant part in orchestrating the clash for their own benefit.

Many observers expressed hope that whatever compensation Big Lex received for her involvement in the event was worth the physical toll she endured. Witnesses described the disturbing scene as Joseline tightly gripped Big Lex in a chokehold, prompting concerns about the level of force used. Speculation surrounding Joseline's alleged drug use during the altercation has also surfaced, as her behavior was perceived as erratic and fueled by substances.

During the chaotic backstage scene, witnesses observed Joseline engaging in altercations with various individuals, including security personnel and random bystanders. Her confrontational behavior reportedly struck fear into those present, painting a picture of an environment where cast members and staff felt intimidated and unsafe. The motive behind Zeus Network's continued collaboration with Joseline appears to be driven by her ability to generate substantial viewership and revenue through her controversial actions, supporting claims of the network's focus on sensationalism.


The has reignited discussions about Zeus Network's practices and the ethics of reality TV production. Critics argue that the network may be exploiting its cast members by putting them in contentious situations solely for the sake of entertainment and financial gain. The altercation between Joseline and Big Lex has further fueled these concerns, casting doubt on the authenticity of the conflicts portrayed on Zeus Network's shows.

Comparisons have been drawn to Natalie Nunn, who achieved success with her show β€œBaddies,” but Joseline Hernandez continues to be the biggest draw for Zeus Network. Her name recognition and ability to captivate audiences with drama and controversy solidify her status as the network's leading star.

In the world of reality TV and major partnerships, it can be difficult to distinguish between genuine conflicts and manufactured drama. The recent altercation between Joseline Hernandez and Big Lex has sparked curiosity, especially given Zeus Network's association with Floyd Mayweather. It leaves us wondering why such confrontations occur and why no one intervened to prevent Joseline from causing chaos backstage.

Written by: Silvia Tine

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