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Kevin Gates Spits in Fan’s Mouth “That’s F* Nasty”

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, the infamous Louisiana rapper, has once again left audiences speechless. This time he has stepped up his on-stage shenanigans by spitting into a fan's mouth during a concert, causing widespread shock and disbelief.

The controversial moment was caught in a video that quickly went viral on social media over the weekend…a bizarre example to how wild Kevin Gates concerts can be.

In the startling footage, you witness a woman seated in front of the “I Don't Get Tired” hitmaker with her head tilted back towards him, her mouth open wide. To everyone's surprise (and many's disgust), Gates clears his throat and voids directly into her mouth. Undeterred by this shocking stunt, the woman remains unbothered by its outrageous – not to mention unhygienic – nature.

Audience reactions are priceless as camera pans reveal stunned faces silently watching this strange event unfold.

It appears that crowd-shocking behavior is nothing new for Kevin Gates. Attendees of his Big Lyfe Tour in September 2022 were treated to an explicit monologue detailing his oral-sex prowess followed by a questionable pantomime mimicking certain male ‘endowments'. Such eyebrow-raising antics earned significant cheer from fans present at the show which is no less NSFW than his recent spit-sharing spectacle.

Just when one thinks they've seen it all from Kevin Gates, he ups the ante redefining norms for onstage performances. While some may see these antics as boundary-pushing performance artistry others argue their distastefulness especially amid current health norms post- world.

“Just told bae,”… “if I can't spit in her mouth ion think the love real.”

A sentiment which perhaps quite epitomizes the debate around Kevin Gate‘s wild onstage antics.

Written by: Heathcliff Spencer Peters

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