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Kodak Black Under Fire for Linking Up with 6ix9ine on New Track’Shaka Laka’

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and 6ix9ine, the two popular hip-hop artists, joined forces for a new song called “Shaka Laka,” which came out today (July 21). The track also includes Dominican female rapper and singer, Yailin la Mas Viral. However, some people are not happy about Kodak linking up with .

On July 20, 6ix9ine went on his Instagram to drop a bombshell collaboration news, putting up a picture of him and Kodak Black chillin' together. The caption gave a sneak peek that Kodak scored a fat stack of one million for jumping on the track. Fans and haters wasted no time spilling their thoughts.

Kodak Black's verse in the song seemed to throw direct shots at 6ix9ine, while also making references to the rapper's past legal troubles. This made the backlash even stronger. The internet was ablaze with accusations of hypocrisy and opportunism, as Kodak has previously voiced his dislike for snitches in the industry.

The disagreement about the partnership became intense when other artists shared their thoughts. THF Zoo, an associate of Lil Durk, openly spoke out against Kodak for teaming up with 6ix9ine, saying it goes against the values of loyalty and respect in hip-hop.

THF Zoo shared the following message: “Ain't no money in the world u violate the street code u might as well be a civilian because I no longer would look at u the same u rap n**z be cappin for the world Kodak Black u gone tell some next that all the means.”


Even 's son, Tootie Raww, chimed in, expressing disappointment in Kodak for breaking promises to collaborate on his while choosing to work with rats like 6ix9ine.

Tootie Raww message reads: “How u promise me a song then don't do my shit and hop on a song wit a rat smh.”


OG Brooklyn rapper China Mac also spoke about Kodak and 6ix9ine. He seemed surprised that people were shocked about their collaboration. said Yak is known for this kind of thing, so it shouldn't be surprising. He also talked about how loyalty and honesty in hip-hop are changing, especially with younger artists.

China Mac said: “So Kodak Black did a song with 6ix9ine, and the internet is in an uproar like everybody is shocked and surprised,” China Mac expressed with disbelief, questioning the rationale behind the public's astonishment. He pointed out that given Kodak Black's history and persona, it should not come as a shock that he would collaborate with the controversial figure. “Like, why are you surprised? It's Kodak Black!!! Like if anybody was doing a song with snitch 9, it was going to be him.”

Known for his straightforward approach China Mac expressed concern about the evolving values in hip-hop. “That real stand-up solid sh*t is dead in hip-hop. That is over!!” he passionately proclaimed. He went on to highlight the generational gap, noting that while older artists might still uphold principles of loyalty and integrity, the newer generation seems to be less inclined to do so. “The only people that are still upholding that is the older generation. After we're gone, it's over! And who's to blame? The streets and the real in the streets in hip-hop is dead!!!”


Kodak Black's baby mom, however, defended the rapper's choice to collaborate with 6ix9ine, saying that it was a business decision and shouldn't be judged based on personal matters. She argued that Yak had every right to pursue lucrative opportunities in the industry.

Mjae Tweeted: “If you think Yak wrong for making his M, then yo mama wrong for having you b**h! He don't have nun to do with that man personal life, BUSINESS IS BUSINESS.”

Notably, Boosie Badazz straight-up went ham on Kodak Black's move, straight-up dissing him for supposedly sellin' out his integrity for that sweet cash in his collab with 6ix9ine.


Boosie just couldn't stop talking and going on and on… about how he ain't feeling what Kodak did. He was all intense, letting his disapproval fly, no holding back!

As the internet keeps on buzzing with fiery debates about Kodak teaming up with 6ix9ine, their music video is already closing in on 400K views! And you know what? Positive reaction videos are poppin' up on YouTube!


Now, many understand where China Mac and others are comin' from, but let's be real. Kodak grew up in a whole different time with different values and beliefs. Back then, gettin' street support was the only way to get your music out there! But nowadays, it's all about social media! And those platforms ain't got no street code. The music game is more accessible, and these kids out there are vibin' with Yak and 6ix9ine!

During the early days of hip-hop in the 1970s and 1980s, the genre originated as a cultural movement in the streets of New York City. Hip-hop artists and DJs would perform at block parties, parks, and local venues, gaining recognition and support from the communities they were a part of.

At that time, there was limited access to mainstream media platforms like radio and television, which made it challenging for hip-hop artists to reach a broader audience through traditional means. Therefore, they relied heavily on word-of-mouth, mixtapes, cassette recordings, and local performances to spread their music and gain a following.

Hip-hop's grassroots approach allowed it to organically connect with audiences and build a dedicated fan base. As the genre grew in popularity, it eventually caught the attention of record labels, radio stations, and other media outlets, leading to its mainstream success.


However, the music industry is constantly evolving, and the way artists promote and distribute their music has changed significantly with the advent of the Internet and digital platforms. Today, social media, streaming services, and online marketing have become crucial tools for artists to reach a global audience without relying solely on traditional street support.

It's important to understand that even though grassroots support is still significant in hip-hop , the ways music is promoted and shared have changed a lot. Nowadays, artists have more options to display their work and connect with their fans.

Only time will tell how this whole thing is gonna affect Yak and Rats' careers, but one thing's for sure: the hip-hop community is split right down the middle on whether chasin' money is more important than stayin' true and loyal.

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Written by: Silvia Tine

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