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Lil Durk Challenges 6ix9ine to a $50 Million Boxing Match in Dubai to Stop Violence

todayMay 12, 2023 13403 369

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Lil Durk and have been embroiled in a highly publicized feud for quite some time. However, Durk has recently taken a bold step in offering to settle their differences through a boxing match.

It all started with a chat between the two rappers, where Durk expressed his desire to end the violence and offered to fight 6ix9ine on TV in Dubai, with 50 million of his own money on the line. 6ix9ine, however, responded with a somewhat mocking tone, saying that he would fight for free in a hotel room in Miami.

On social media, Durk shared a screenshot of the conversation he had with 6ix9ine and captioned it: “Stop the violence put the guns down big man! 50million of my own money to box in Dubai safely, let's go Migo – September? @gervontaa walk me out.”

During their chat, Durk messaged 6ix9ine with a proposition: “I don't want you hurt or dead you a kid from the burbs I got 50 million my own money without help to fight you on tv in dubi we can double the money 3 rounds…go talk to your rich friends lets set it up September – stop the violence lol.”

In response, the “Rainbow” rapper seemingly brushed off the offer and accused Durk of using the chat for the album promotion, stating, “It's so funny because I know you on album press run.” He continued, “U need anything to promote this album since not biting the bait. But I wanna fight you for no money pussy. For Free. Come to Miami let's get a hotel room and just throw down 1 on 1.”

Durk, however, was not interested in 6ix9ine's suggestion and replied, “Bait? Hotel? Aw naw I'm cool enjoy your day… I'm not worried bout sells I just wanted to beat your ass for some money.”

Today was a big day for the music industry, with several highly anticipated albums set to drop. Among them was Durk's new album, which was supposed to be released today. However, the rapper announced at the last minute that he was pushing back the release to May 26th. He did share the cover art for the album, which shows a picture of himself with a bloodied eye and his face bound in bandages The name of the album is Almost Healed.

Although Durk has pushed back the release of his highly-anticipated album, he has been keeping his fans on their toes with the release of his recent single “All My Life,” which features rapper J. Cole. The music video for the song was also released, featuring the two artists. Durk took to Instagram to announce the release of the video, captioning it with The Voice feat @realcoleworld “All My Life” video out now #almosthealed.

Interestingly, there was a lot of tension on social media the past few days with the release of several artists. It looked like NBA YoungBoy and Lil Durk were competing, with some back and forth on social media between the two artists. Although their style is different, both have a strong fan base.

Akademiks, the popular hip-hop commentator, also weighed in on the situation, tweeting about Lil Durk's decision to push back his album release. He predicted that Durk probably racked up a bunch of pre-saves for his album by announcing it with a pre-save link. He also called it a “smart” move.

A few days before their album announcement, NBA YoungBoy started dissing Durk because he was about to release his album on the same day as his. The latter even took a shot at Akademiks, calling him a “pure fat hoe.” However, Akademiks took it in stride and forgave him, saying that the rap game is the devil.

YoungBoy after hearing that Durk pushed his album back, started clowning Durk in a short video snippet. However, it's not a big deal that Durk pushed his album back. Both artists are talented and have a strong fan base. YoungBoy's new album which is released today is titled “Richest Opp.”

It is not uncommon for artists to engage in attention-grabbing behavior just before the release of their album in order to increase their presence on social media. This strategy has been employed by many, including 6ix9ine prior to releasing his albums and with his “DONDA” album, which was accompanied by a significant amount of drama. and others have also utilized this tactic to boost album sales and generate buzz.

In the end, the music industry is a highly competitive field, and artists will do what they can to get ahead. While Durk and 6ix9ine, and YoungBoy's feud might be entertaining for some, it's important to remember that all artists are talented in their own right and deserve recognition for their work. As for Lil Durk's album, fans will have to wait a little longer to hear it, but it's sure to be worth the wait.

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Written by: Silvia Tine

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