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Lil Durk Lookalike Perkio Claims He Was Set Up By 6ix9ine

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Fake “Perkio”, Has Come Forward Telling That Ambushed Him

We've got a bit of a story to tell you today: Perkio has made a name for himself as the Lil Durk lookalike. In fact, he's gained so much traction that he's even made a video with the Chicago rapper.

Perkio, who has been seen in the music video “Blocklist” and is known for his uncanny resemblance to the Chicago rapper, claims that he was set up by YouTuber “SteveWillDoIt” and booked by a production company with no knowledge of who he would be working with.

The took place on Tuesday afternoon when Perkio had been waiting to film a video with YouTubers —and he had no idea that 6ix9ine would be there.

The TikTok star leaked the full footage from the 6ix9ine meet-up. In the footage, Perkio says he doesn't want to get involved with the 6ix9ine and Durk beef and certainly doesn't want to disrespect Durk. “We certainly representing him”: referring to Durk.

The Youtuber “SteveWillDoIt” took to to respond to Perkio's allegations about him setting the whole thing up.

SteveWillDolt says: “I never have never experience anything like this on the internet and I feel like something viral of someone just making something up about me isn't right. I meant it when I said 1 Million Dollars to him if he has to proof me or nelk boys messaged him because that never happened. If what he said is true he is a millionaire. So do u want a million dollars fake Durk. Well if u are a truther u millionaire too.”

To defend his case youtube SteveWillDoIt posted another video with Perkio agreeing to meet 6ix9ine.

In the video, Perkio is seen to be caught in the moment and uncomfortable about the whole situation.


The doppelganger Perkio released a series of videos on Twitter explaining the whole situation: “They are really using me for clout.”

Referring to 6ix9ine he says: “I never knew he was going to be there, that's crazy tho.”

Perkio explains the situation in the video by saying: “What actually went down, the YouTubers Nelk Boys hit me up on IG. They ask me if I wanted to collab with anything, I was like alright bet. I will collab with them. So they sent me the addy saying we gon collab, my manager had said what ‘y'all got in mind, what y'all gon do?', they said they wanted me in a video, me, Durk and I had seen Durk and them, I had seen Durk had done an interview with the boys and they asking me so I was cool and everything.”

Durk's doppelganger continues by saying: “I pulled up and they started me asking some questions. They said, you know we are about to film a video upstairs and everything and I'm like alright cool. And then they talked about 6ix9ine…I was like cool but I didn't know 6ix9ine was there at all. So they said go upstairs we are about to shoot the video.”

In the second video, Perkio tells how he got ambushed by 6ix9ine, and his guys: “When we went up they ambushed. 6ix9ine came out of nowhere and his crew. They all came. One n** came with a jacket on, I did know what was on the jacket… He troughs the jacket on me. This n** was pressing his arm on me. I was looking at him and then ..they were filming and all that. Before that, I was like I don't want to do any video with 6ix9ine, none of that. I said I don't wanna disrespect OTF, I don't want to disrespect Durk, I don't want to disrespect anybody. Everybody literally ambushed me.”

6ix9ine's Version Of What Happened Contradicts Perkio's

Eventually, 6ix9ine appeared on the scene to contradict Perkio's version of what happened.

On Tekashi 6ix9ine‘s Instagram account, he posted multiple images that are now deleted of him conversing with another individual who said YouTuber SteveWillDoIt appeared to be communicating with Perkio about becoming a participant in the video shoot, but the conversations made it obvious that there would be no payment.

The rainbow rapper posted a video of one of the guys getting money for the occasion, claiming that Periko was aware that he would be in 6ix9ine presence.


Akademiks posted the video and under his comments, 6ix9ine wrote: “CAUGHT IN 4K your manager took the money. You sold your soul for 7k while getting caught in 4K and then went on live lying still claiming OTF.”

Durk lookalike was shown in the same video but nowhere near the amount of money, so it's unclear who pocketed the money.

The Youtube Steve persuaded Periko, who appeared upset and uncomfortable, to attend a meet and greet with 6ix9ine, which may well be when he put the coat over him.

There is a backlash against 6ix9ine on social media for setting up the shoot so that it appeared that Perkio was disrespecting Lil Durk.

In response to the drama, Lil Durk released the following statement today: “Bro I just not seen this shit today on the internet this shit crazy everybody calling an texting me we went #1 again thank y'all lol”

Rapper also took to Twitter to express what he thinks about 6ix9ine's actions.

42 Dugg said: “I hate when b***h ass n****s do h** shit to good people. Rat ass n****s involving white boys in street shit. N****s be lames and hoes n****s could've pulled up on so many other n****s they a pull up on a kid with nothing to do wit nothing.”

Dugg continues: “Y'all can never expect Ah non-street person to understand the streets these n****s blowing down on kids tryna ruin kids life knowing Ah real n****a Ah spit on you b***h n****s.”

It didn't take long for 6ix9ine to respond to 42 Dugg message: “I will smack fire out you”

Written by: Silvia Tine

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