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Love And Hip-Hop Star Safaree Samuels Dodges Death in Atlanta

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Safaree Samuels, a rapper and reality TV star, had a close call with death on Wednesday night, March 1, in Atlanta, Georgia. The artist, who is known for being the ex-boyfriend of and for appearing on the reality show Love & Hip-Hop, posted a video on his Instagram account with the caption: “I almost got shot in my head by a stray bullet!! I was inches away from where the bullet holes came from!! This is why I can't f*cking stand Atlanta!!!! Thank God Omg!! That's why I don't feel sorry for you criminals!!”

Atlanta has been receiving a lot of negative press lately, especially due to the ongoing case. The city's reputation for violence and crime has been further highlighted by Safaree's experience.

In the next video shared on his Instagram story, Safaree can be heard exclaiming, “What the f*ck, I was just standing right here.” The video also shows Safaree holding the bullet casings that were fired at him.

Safaree has had a brush with death before, with an a few years ago in which he claimed that his ex-girlfriend Nicki Minaj had attempted to kill him. The former couple engaged in a public feud on , airing out their grievances with each other. In a statement posted on his social media account, Safaree recounted the night when he was cut and nearly died, with police and an ambulance having to take him out on a stretcher. To avoid Nicki Minaj being taken to jail, he had to lie and say he was attempting to kill himself. Despite these serious accusations, Nicki Minaj never addresses this claim publicly.


The Love & Hip-Hop reality star's recent experience in Atlanta has once again raised questions about the city's crime rate and the safety of its residents and visitors. Safaree's video has gone viral, with many people expressing their shock and concern over what happened to him.

In addition to being a reality TV star and rapper, Safaree is also an entrepreneur. He has his own line of men's grooming products called “Stuntman” and has been working on building his brand outside of the entertainment industry.

Despite the frightening incident, Safaree seems to be in good spirits. In a subsequent Instagram story, he thanked God and wrote: “I am protected by God & the blood of JESUS!!! No weapon formed against me shall prosper!! Thanking my lucky start tonight!! For real.”

While it is fortunate that Safaree was not seriously injured, the incident could have ended much differently. Safaree Samuels' recent experience in Atlanta has once again raised concerns about the city's safety and crime rate. The rapper's close call with death serves as a reminder of the importance of safety and awareness in high-risk areas. Despite the incident, Safaree remains determined to continue building his brand and making music, showing resilience and positivity in the face of adversity.

Written by: Silvia Tine

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