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Meek Mill Calls Out DJ Drama in a Twitter War

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Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill took to to voice his frustrations with fellow artist and producer DJ Drama in a series of explosive tweets. The public clash began when Meek shared a screenshot of a text conversation between himself and Drama, revealing a heated exchange between the two industry figures. The tweets unveiled a bitter dispute, with Meek accusing the producer of speaking down on him, downplaying his work, and mishandling their professional interactions.

In his initial message, Meek tweeted, “I asked Drama why he always speaking down on me with a few other words too, told him he's a goofy… I also hit him when he tried to compare Dreams and Nightmares to ‘I Wanna Rock' AND DOWNPLAY ME… DONT LET THESE INDUSTRY LAMES USE YOU, THEY DON'T REALLY EVEN LIKE YOU SMH LOL.”

The text message from read, “Shit ain't got nothing to do with no bitches. To be honest, I don't even speak on all the real sucka shit you be doing! That's the crazy part! You just did it to me again for the TINY DESK PODCAST FUCKED MY WHOLE ROLLOUT UP AND WASN'T EVEN MAN ENOUGH TO JUST TELL ME NO!!!!”

made the choice to publicly share the entire content of his private text message exchange with DJ Drama.

He captioned the screenshot: “He confirmed tiny desk without speaking to my team or me … I told him I wasn't locking it in … I'm not even on his album …I'm too up to be working another man's album rollout wtf …everytime I rap I get rich and I ain't been barely rapping I been on business timing ….I hate these industry niggas, if they can't use you they try to devalue you to the public!”

Continuing the Twitter thread, Meek Mill expressed his frustration publicly, stating, “If they asked me about DJ Drama and Khaled, I wouldn't speak, and I made millions on paper with Khaled. I'll still stay silent… I'm from Philly… and we don't wear our fitted hats like that drama. ‘SHOP AT MITCHELL AND NESS.'”

Expressing his frustration further, Meek continued his Twitter tirade, criticizing Drama's character, work ethic, and contributions to charity in Philadelphia. He also hinted at the detrimental influence of certain individuals and expressed the importance of surrounding oneself with trustworthy friends and family.

In one of his tweets, Meek Mill stated, “That man never did real charity in Philly in his life… I just be saying bits parts online because it be too much to say… I be wanting it to be known when ion Rock wit these goofies… and I stand on my tippy toes when I see them so it's no confusion before we even interact! ‘Drama queen over these females.'”

The tweet shows Meek's thoughts about DJ Drama's behavior and intentions within the industry.

In his tweets, the Philly rapper made it clear that he wanted to tackle problems openly and honestly. He didn't believe in playing games or hiding his true feelings. By openly expressing his frustrations, he hoped to bring attention to what he saw as disrespectful actions.

Meek Mill shared an anecdote about stumbling upon DJ Drama's comments, tweeting, “I was getting a rich-ass massage scrolling on Twitter, seen a goofy I know speaking on me, so I'm speaking my mind… we be multitasking on bs sometimes lol this shit hard to figure out. It's lit tho.”

Continuing the Twitter thread, Meek Mill wrote: “If they asked me about DJ Drama and Khaled, I wouldn't speak, and I made millions on paper with Khaled. I'll still stay silent… I'm from Philly… and we don't wear our fitted hats like that drama. ‘SHOP AT MITCHELL AND NESS.'”

Meek Mill continued his Twitter rant, highlighting the pitfalls of associating with the wrong individuals in the music industry. He cautioned, “The biggest mistakes you can make in this game is having sex with the wrong females… jealous men will try to destroy you quietly or find out a way to dislike you lol… y'all can keep them gals. I like my family and friends more! It's saddd lol.”

Asserting his position in the industry, Meek Mill declared, “And I'm the Meek of this generation… nothing can't be Hov. He laid all this shit out for us. You gotta make your own movie outchea. That's that niggaitis. Who the new Hov?… I respect that highly. Can't be re-done… Drama tryna divide and conquer a feat lol. Drama basically started/powered that Meek and … so to see him compare us again and cut youngin off to where he can't barely speak so much gat in his mouth lol.”

As the Twitter feud intensified, Meek ended his series of tweets with a cryptic message, stating, “Like I won't wild him right uppp smh” accompanied by a laughing emoji. The comment left fans and followers curious about the potential escalation of the conflict between the two artists.

When artists express their frustrations and address concerns on social media, it's important to consider the potential consequences of such public conflicts. These conflicts can have a significant impact on professional relationships and collaborations, as well as potentially damage one's public image.

The feud between Meek and Drama brings attention to the power dynamics and clashes of ego that are in the music industry. It shows that even successful collaborations can be strained by misunderstandings, miscommunication, and personal differences. This highlights the intricate nature of the entertainment world and the challenges artists face when working together.

As the story continues to unfold, it remains to be seen how Meek and Drama will resolve their differences. Will they find a way to reconcile, or will their feud escalate further? Fans and industry insiders are eagerly awaiting updates on this captivating clash of egos.

It's worth noting that while Meek openly shared his frustrations on Twitter, Drama has chosen to remain silent. This demonstrates Drama's decision to handle the situation professionally and with restraint. His silence adds an intriguing element to the ongoing story, leaving fans and observers curious about his thoughts and actions.

As the story develops, fans will eagerly watch to see what Meek and Drama do next. Will they find a way to work things out and potentially collaborate in the future, or will this disagreement have a lasting impact on their careers? Only time will reveal the answers.

Written by: Silvia Tine

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