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Meek Mill Drops Vory From DreamChasers After Abuse Allegations

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Louisville, Kentucky – Tavoris Javon Hollins Jr., known in the industry as Vory, finds himself embroiled in controversy as his girlfriend takes to social media with allegations of domestic violence against the Grammy-winning artist.

The scandal erupted when “The Neighborhood Talk”, a popular Instagram account, shared two distressing videos showcasing involved in heated altercations with his girlfriend. In one video, the rapper can be seen screaming at his girlfriend while she holds a dog, while another depicts her visibly pregnant and seated on a couch as Vory appears to threaten her with violence.

Alongside the videos, a statement attributed to Vory's girlfriend surfaced, detailing her anguish and resolve to expose the alleged abuse. She expressed her exhaustion with enduring abuse, infidelity, and deceit, stating her intention to seek justice and reclaim her safety through social media exposure.

In her statement, she stressed the importance of being cautious in relationships, highlighting that patterns of abuse tend to persist. Speaking directly to Vory, she criticized his attempts to paint her in a negative light, asserting that he was the one responsible for the abuse, infidelity, and dishonesty. She also warned Vory to address his actions promptly, or else face the public release of additional evidence documenting his alleged violence.

Vory's girl shared the following message: “The fact I have to post on social media about something that is so private is so disgusting,” she said. “The lies people will spread about you and try to point you out to be because you don't want to be abused, cheated on, or lied to anymore,” she continues. “I want to just feel safe in your own home again. Please be aware of who you are in a relationship with. If a man has abused women in the past, they will do it to you! No matter how many times they say they are gonna get help, they won't. They will NEVER change!”


“@Vory you are a disgusting person,” she said. “You want to point me out to be this ‘whore'/bad person. When it's you!! I don't want to be with you or take your Valentine's Day gift or spend time with you as a family because of all this shit you've put me through for TWO years so you go on social media to tell lies and try to spread this false narrative.”

“Stop playing on my name before I post the videos of you punching me in the face, spitting on me, and threatening to kill me while PREGNANT. I have all of the videos!! Show people who you really are. This man is a professional liar, manipulator, and narcissist! The proof is public. Simply google what he has current court cases for & that's only 2 of the 100 times he's done this.”

“If y'all wanna support a man that abuses pregnant women or women in general that's between you and God! Have a blessed night!” she concludes.

Later, she posted another message: “@vory the real you. Can't run & play victim anymore. This is the person you are. & it gets way worse than that,” she declared.


The gravity of the accusations prompted a swift response from , who publicly disavowed Vory, declaring him unfit for association with Dream Chasers Records due to apparent mental instability and alarming behavior.

Meek Mill, founder of Dream Chasers Records, publicly announced the termination of Vory from the label in response to the disturbing allegations. Meek took to to express his stance, declaring, “This guy is not a dream chaser! He has a mental problem! We cutting ties we don't care how ya music sound,…. He been ducking my calls for months telling people I'm threatening him… stopped alot of people dude ‘he is not dreamchaser!”

Vory, born in Houston, Texas, and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, gained prominence in the music industry through collaborations with notable artists such as , , and . His music career, once on a trajectory of success, now faces severe repercussions in light of these damning accusations.

As the controversy unfolds, social media platforms have become battlegrounds for supporters and detractors, with many demanding accountability and justice for the alleged victim. Vory's girlfriend, undeterred by potential backlash, has vowed to pursue legal recourse and continue her quest for truth and justice.

In response to the allegations, Vory has yet to issue a formal statement. However, the emergence of damning evidence and widespread condemnation from peers underscore the seriousness of the accusations leveled against the acclaimed artist.

Written by: Silvia Tine

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