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Michael Blackson Fires Back at Katt Williams’ Explosive Podcast Claims

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Recently, the iconic stand-up comedian Katt Williams made a guest appearance on the Club Shay Shay podcast, hosted by Shannon Sharpe. Known for his unfiltered style, Williams took aim at several prominent figures in the industry, reigniting old feuds and sparking new controversies.

The podcast, known for its candid and unfiltered discussions, provided a platform for Williams to express his unapologetic opinions. However, it was his bold statements about his fellow comedians that set the stage for a brewing feud within the comedy community.

During the interview, Williams didn't mince words as he called out , , Cedric The Entertainer, and Rickey Smiley among others, questioning their contributions to comedy and challenging their status as top-tier comedians. His remarks were met with a mix of surprise, controversy, and, notably, a swift response from .

Michael Blackson, the fearless comedian renowned for his bold humor, wasted no time in firing back at Williams. Unafraid of controversy, Blackson took to , delivering a pointed response: “Kat Williams is a very smart midget n**ga he took shots at the 10 comedians alive today so we can all respond and make him relevant again.”

The comedian didn't just end it there; he continued by expressing: “I can't believe this lying dehydrated leprechaun said he told me to build a school lmao. I only built a free school so the kids can whip your ass for free Moda***a.”

Blackson continued the Twitter barrage, with additional tweets flooding in. In another tweet, the following message was shared. : “Katt Williams is definitely top 10 comedians of all time and top 5 alive but we all have to agree he's not the Katt of 2005.”

However, it's worth noting that Blackson did include Katt Williams in his list of the top 10 Black comedians alive. With Eddie Murphy securing the top spot.

In another recent tweet, Blackson shared the following message: “Never been booed ever but I've watched Katt get booed in 2 cities, Cincy n I forgot the other city. F*cked up shit is Cincy is where he's from. It's f*cked up when your own people boos u.”

The drama between Blackson and Williams ignited when Williams took jabs at his fellow comedians during his Club Shay Shay podcast interview. Not even Steve Harvey, the seasoned comedian, actor, and TV host, was spared. Williams probed into Harvey's authenticity and comedic style, insinuating that Harvey's success might be more about playing the industry game than delivering genuine humor.

Williams also criticized Cedric the Entertainer for allegedly stealing one of his jokes and downplaying the significance of an award he received. He questioned the credibility of these comedians and accused them of forming alliances within the industry.

The punches didn't stop there. Kevin Hart, a hardworking and successful comedian, also got some direct shots from Williams. Williams questioned if Hart's worldwide success truly puts him among the top comedians today.

Rickey Smiley, a comedian and radio personality known for his humor and influence, also became a target of Williams' verbal jabs. Williams didn't mince words, leaving fans and colleagues alike wondering about the dynamics at play within the comedy community. Smiley's response to the call-out is yet to be seen, but the ripple effect of Williams' comments has undoubtedly set the stage for potential conflicts and debates.

Williams then talked about Tyler Perry, saying that both Perry and Smiley struggle to portray convincing male characters and often resort to wearing dresses in their . Williams also said that the best actor should get the best role, and he emphasized that Perry and Smiley are more convincing in female roles than as male characters.

During the interview, Williams, expressed his frustration with Ricky Smiley, specifically accusing him of lying about his involvement in the movie “Friday After Next.” According to Williams, Smiley claimed that he was supposed to play the role of Money Mike, which Katt Williams eventually portrayed.

After Katt Williams dropped those bomb comments, everyone in the comedy scene is just waiting to see how the other comedians are gonna react. It's gonna shake things up, for sure. The vibe among comedians is gonna change as they figure out how to handle this mix of competition and friendship.

The interview covered various topics, including Katt Williams' refusal to join the Kings of Comedy after Bernie Mac's departure, his dedication to stand-up, and his views on the comedy industry. Throughout the conversation, Williams aimed to set the record straight and defend his reputation.

As Katt Williams wraps up this eye-opening interview, it's clear he holds nothing back. But what you've seen so far is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Katt's stories and unfiltered takes. If you want every joke, revelation, and unapologetic truth, you gotta check out the whole interview.

In a time where realness is like finding a needle in a haystack, Katt Williams is that unapologetically honest gem. He's not just dishing out laughs; he's giving you a deep dive into the twists and turns that shape his life and career.

The full interview is right here, promising an even deeper understanding of the mind of this comedy legend. Hit play below and get the full unscripted experience of Katt Williams.

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Written by: Silvia Tine

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