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Nardo Wick Fan Brutalized by Rapper’s Entourage: Shocking Video Surfaces

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A fan seeking a picture with rapper Nardo Wick ended up brutally beaten outside the concert at Club Skye in Tampa, FL on Sunday, November 26. The , now under police investigation, unfolded in what appears to be a private parking lot, capturing the attention of social media and leaving fans and onlookers demanding justice for the victim, George Obregon Jr.

Michelle Obregon, the distressed mother of the victim, took to Instagram to share a video of the incident, shedding light on the unnecessary violence that transpired. The footage shows her son approaching the artist, recording the encounter with his phone. While it is acknowledged that the fan was not supposed to be in the restricted area, the response from the security team has ignited public outrage.

The fan, reportedly seeking to take a picture with the rapper, was knocked unconscious by what appeared to be a security guard. Shockingly, another bystander stepped in and punched the fan multiple times, exacerbating the already alarming situation. The incident, caught on video, showcases the excessive use of force that transpired outside the concert venue.

Accompanying the video, Michelle Obregon expressed her shock and dismay, stating, “I want everyone to see what these mf*s did to my son!!!!! At no point was my son aggressive, at no f*ckin point did he show any sign of harm!!! My son wanted a stupid f*ckin picture with his favorite artist!!!! And this is what he gets!!!!!!! I am sick to my stomach to think about how this could have turned out!!!! Please help me share this please 🙏🏽 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 as a mother, I am begging you to help get justice for George Obregon Jr.”

George Obregon Jr., the 20-year-old, is known by his mom as a laid-back guy, steering clear of drugs, alcohol, or gangs. The seriousness of his injuries has ramped up the call for accountability. Right now, he's in treatment for a severe concussion and brain hemorrhaging.

Analyzing the video, it is apparent that Wick's security team could have handled the situation more professionally. Instead of resorting to violence, a simple refusal of pictures or recording, accompanied by a respectful escort away from the premises, could have sufficed. The disproportionate response has led to accusations of unprofessional conduct and has fueled concerns about the use of force by celebrity security personnel.

In response to the disturbing incident involving his fan George Obregon Jr., rapper has issued a statement expressing deep regret and disapproval. The artist clarified that he does not condone the actions that unfolded after his show, emphasizing that he is saddened by what happened. Nardo conveyed his apologies to George and his mother, highlighting that he expressed his sorrow multiple times before the incident gained attention on the internet.

Wick took proactive steps, reaching out to George's mother and providing his contact information on the night of the incident. He expressed his intention to make a public post in an attempt to identify the victim before receiving a text from George's mother. The rapper asserted that he cannot control the actions of others, expressing his frustration and anger at the unexpected turn of events.

In the statement, Wick emphasized that he was not aware of the impending incident and expressed his efforts to intervene and stop the altercation, as evidenced by the video circulating online. The rapper concluded his statement by reaffirming his love and appreciation for all his fans and condemning the violent incident as neither “gangsta” nor cool in any way.

Nardo Wick's statement brings a fresh perspective to the ongoing talk about the incident, giving us a glimpse into how he reacted right away and where he stands on the messed-up situation.

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Written by: Silvia Tine

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