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NBA YoungBoy One Step Closer To Victory In His Trial

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YoungBoy‘s trial against illegal gun possession began on Tuesday, July 12 at the federal courtroom in and it looks like he started off with a win.

The Baton Rouge rapper who is facing illegal gun possession charges, had his lyrics used against him in court, which could have been devastating. But it looks like YoungBoy might have a win in his case; prosecutors' use of the rapper's lyrics was denied by the judge, which might be a win for the entirety of hip-hop because lyrics were denied as evidence in court.

The prosecutor wanted to use Youngboy's lyrics as evidence that he should be convicted of the charges against him. However, when prosecutors attempted to use them as evidence, Judge Robert Gary Klausner denied them from being entered into court records.

Judge Robert Gary Klausner said that lyrics alone do not provide any indication as to whether or not someone is guilty or innocent of a crime—and he's absolutely correct! In fact, this is a big deal because it could help other artists who've been accused of crimes based on their song lyrics avoid jail time entirely just by having their songs thrown out of court records.

The judge in the case, Robert Gary Klausner, said that there was no evidence that Youngboy himself was in unlawful possession of a firearm.

Lawyer Mohammed (Moe) Gangat, well known by his Instagram handle “Lawyer For Workers,” attended YoungBoy's trial. He provides an update on YoungBoy's case in a video posted on his Instagram page.

Moe Gagnat stated: “Rap lyrics will not be used against him. The judge is throwing out the rap lyrics excluding them from trial evidence.”

Judge Robert Gary Klausner of the Central District of said from the bench: “These lyrics have nothing to do with the issues that are in this case. This is a simple gun possession case. Did he or did he not possess the gun.”

Moe Gangat continued the video by saying: “The lyrics of the songs “Life Support, and “Gunsmoke” will not be used on trial against him. I expect every rapper whoever has rap lyrics attempted to be used against him to go pull this decision from the Central District of California and rely on it to argue that rap lyrics have no basis in the courtroom.”

Gangat provided another update regarding YoungBoy's trial in a subsequent video.

In the next video, Gangat provided the following trial update:

“In the opening conference, the prosecutors mentioned that they think the defense is going to try to bring up the fact that the FBI named their operation to arrest and apprehend YoungBoy operation ‘Never Free Again' and you know that's playing on the moniker ‘Never Broke Again'. The judge kind of stopped the government like I don't really understand what you're coming from with all this, this is all a sideshow this is a simple possession case this is about whether or not he possessed the gun.”

The lawyer continued saying: “This shows what's going on in this case. This is not a typical gun possession case because it's and the government is treating it like world war seven. So it's just a very interesting window into understanding the dynamics of play when you're at the opening conference of a trial. You bring up a point to the judge and the judge just kind of scratches his head and goes, What???”

It was discovered early on in this case that the FBI mission to detain the rapper was titled “Never Free Again,” which clearly linked to the rapper's stage name YounBoy Never Broke Again.

Consequently, as they were making their opening comments in court today, the mission titled “Never Free Again” was highlighted.

According to what the prosecutor was saying, the judge was perplexed and said, “I'm here for a simple gun possession case.”

has previously mentioned that YoungBoy's lawyer was never notified that a warrant for YoungBoy's arrest had been issued. The rapper's lawyer remarked that he was shocked by the rapper's incarceration and that he is blaming those who orchestrated the arrest and hindered his client from handing himself in freely.

Despite the fact that it was a very intense case, it appears that NBA Youngboy is getting closer to victory. The judge excluded the use of rap lyrics in court, which could have a major impact on hip-hop and rap artists who have been accused of crimes based on their lyrics: just by having those songs thrown out of court records, they could avoid jail time entirely.

NBA YoungBoy Second Day Trial Update: Prosecution Fails To Find Fingerprints On Weapon, No Evidence

On July 13 Wednesday, the prosecution insisted that they discovered a lot of items inside Youngboy's vehicle, and the gun that was also found must have belonged to him. The defense came up with an argument that there was a lot of stuff that could have belonged to other people, including an airline bag claim ticket that was found in the car with someone else's name on it.

Attorney Mohammed (Moe) Gangat updated his followers on with the following statement:

“Day 2 YB trial. Prosecution presents evidence of all of YBs stuff (bank cards, jewelry) found in car with gun. Defense presents all of other people stuff found in car (airline bag claim ticket, clothes) and stuff unidentifiable bc no investigation (hotel room key, park lot tkt).”

The FBI fingerprint expert who testified in the second-day trial of NBA YoungBoy, says she did not test the firearm for fingerprints meaning that they don't have any of YoungBoy's fingerprints on the weapon.

The fingerprint expert also claimed that she did test the magazine and bullets but was unable in getting enough prints for examination.

Moe Gangat confirmed the statement with the message: “The fingerprint expert was not given the gun to test. Only the magazine and bullets. So it would appear nobody tested the firearm for prints in YoungBoy's gun possession case? Someone tell me I'm wrong and I missing something.”

Concerning the DNA test, Moe Gangat stated: “They did test the gun for DNA. Five contributors found. 3 male and 2 female. Lab could not determine whether any of the five was YounBoy.”

appeared in court to show his support for YounBoy, who is the grandfather of one of the rapper's children.

Another update from Moe Gangat was posted on his Instagram page, stating that the prosecution had asked Joseph Roth from Shyne Jewelers to analyze all the jewels and watches found in YB's Maybach.

In one of the Moe Gangat tweets, concerning the jewels and watches, he said: “Not sure what this has to do with anything but Floyd and everyone else in the courtroom seem entertained.”

There was a testimony from a police officer who claimed that he found the gun but he couldn't remember if he had gloves on when he removed it from NBA YoungBoy's car.

In the following Instagram video of Moe Gagnat, he's outlining the flaws in the officer's testimony explaining why the police testimony doesn't add up.”

Moe Gagnat provided us with another update from the courtroom, where he observed the actual footage of the police officers apprehending the rapper after their dogs located where he was hiding. As he jumped over fences to escape from the police, it looked like he had $100,000 in cash in his front pockets.

According to Moe Gagnat, the prosecutors are building a case that looks like YoungBoy fled from the police because he knew the gun was his.

It looks like another win for the rapper, We believe that YoungBoy is going to win this case easily—prosecutors have no strong evidence once or ever and what they do have seems pretty flimsy.

NBA YoungBoy Third Day Trial Update: Found Not Guilty

On July 14th, a judge ruled that YoungBoy was not guilty of the charges against him. The rapper's attorney confirmed the news to TMZ.

According to the United States Attorney's Office and YoungBoy's attorney, Andre Belanger, the rapper was acquitted of all charges.

When the decision was delivered, YoungBoy's lawyer, Andre Belanger, reportedly told TMZ that the rapper bowed his head and began to cry. YoungBoy said to his lawyer, “I was never guilty of this.”

The defense lawyer Belanger added to TMZ: ” It's been a stressful and emotional situation for him.”

This is good news for the rapper! We are so thrilled to hear that NBA YoungBoy has been found not guilty of the illegal gun possession charges he was facing.

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