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NBA YoungBoy’s Baby Mama Accuses Him of Coordinating an Attack on Her

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In an unexpected turn of events, Arcola, one of the mothers of 's children, has recently made substantial allegations against the renowned rapper. Over the years, NBA YoungBoy, whose legal name is Kentrell DeSean Gaulden, has fathered eleven children through his relationships with eight different women. Among them, Arcola is one, and they have a child together named Kaell, who is also connected to the artist.

On Tuesday (Nov. 7th) Arcola took to her page to share disturbing images of her with a battered and face. The pictures are a grim testimony to what seems to have been a tumultuous encounter.

In a recorded video, Arcola made a startling claim, stating that YoungBoy allowed someone to strike her in the face with a gun. She explained the gravity of the situation, declaring, “Hitting your son's mom in the face with a gun is crazy.” Afterward, she corrected herself, articulating, “Letting her get hit in the face with a gun is crazy.” Furthermore, she disclosed, “I left with so much blood; there was blood even on my son's jacket.”

On her Twitter page, Arcola posted a series of tweets to shed light on the troubling situation. She tweeted, “They kept trying to take Kaell from me. I cried so hard, I even screamed so loud you'd think I was mental. I was holding my baby soooo tight; I was never letting my son go to swing on you low life whores. I came for my son and left with him. 🥺”

Arcola went on to make even more shocking claims, saying, “Watch who you have kids by. My son dad let his whoreS yes whores with an S cause it was 2 of them weak ass hoes. He gave them an order to get me lol you know bitches who never came from shit gone do it. My son was in my hands. His dad just sat back and watched smh.”


In an attempt to provide evidence for her allegations, Arcola shared a screenshot of her direct messages. She captioned the screenshot with the message: “Mind you, I dropped my son off at the end of August, and he wanted me to come get him 2 weeks into him being there. So I told him to keep him 2 more weeks. He was pissed, lmao. I just feel like if you ain't gonna help me financially, you're gonna help physically.”

Continuing to reveal her side of the story, Arcola shared another screenshot of a conversation and wrote: “He's so unreasonable, so happy this is all over with now. I asked his wife if she could ask him to get just Kaell's flight, and he said no. Keep in mind, the flights were $1300 for both of ours round trip, and all I asked was for him to pay for Kaell's. N**a still couldn't do that.”


Arcola explained her frustration with the situation in a series of tweets, saying, “so i was just like f*ck it. im tired! anytime he ask for his son i drop him off and pay for the tickets. b*tch you dont help with sh*t why i gotta keep paying for the flights? So rewind to 2 weeks ago I asked can I get my son he said I gotta wait 2 weeks tryna be petty.”

She then narrated an where she took matters into her own hands, saying, “Sunday made 2 weeks I asked can I get him he started telling me how I can visit kaell on weekends LMFAO them drugs got his mind gone. He then blocked me so I told him I'll be out there Wednesday but nah I booked my flight last night got a rental and drove to his house..”

YoungBoy's baby mama described her audacious actions, stating, “Lmao his security so weak I drove right past them and walked right in that house like I pay the bills I was calm and respectful I asked where is Kaell like 30 times! I finally found him and his wh*res was trying to take my son out of my hands smh I cannot make this up.


In her final tweets, Arcola contemplated the possibility of pressing charges, saying, “I would be wrong if I pressed charges on yall for doing me like this with my baby in my hand. But karma gone eat yall asses up. I got my son back I'm happy that's all that matters fr. 5 stitches later. And her punk ass fist ain't do that shorty had sum.”

The situation involving NBA YoungBoy and Arcola has brought to light a complex co-parenting dynamic. Arcola's claims have revealed a tumultuous encounter where she alleges a struggle to maintain custody of their child, Kaell. Despite her distressing experience, NBA YoungBoy has not publicly responded to these assertions.

Written by: Silvia Tine

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