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Ne-Yo’s BM Goes Live, Labels Him “Diddy Jr.” Amid Explosive Allegations

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Multi-talented artist Ne-Yo known for his smooth vocals, and charismatic stage presence, has been embroiled in a messy situation involving his ex-partners. Sade Bagnerise, one of 's former flames and the mother of two of his youngest sons, recently took to social media to air out some grievances, shedding light on the tumultuous relationships that have marked the R&B star's personal life.

In a candid IG live session, Sade didn't hold back as she revealed shocking details about her experiences with Ne-Yo. One of the most startling revelations was the revelation that both Sade and Ne-Yo's ex-wife, Crystal Renay, were pregnant at the same time. Sade confessed to having two children with Ne-Yo while he was still married to Renay.

Ne-Yo's BM accused Ne-Yo of neglecting his parental duties, alleging that he failed to prioritize his children's well-being. She claimed that Ne-Yo was supposed to be looking after their two kids, along with his other children, but instead, she found another woman in the house holding hands with Ne-Yo's 13-year-old daughter from a previous relationship.

Sade didn't hold back as she revealed details about her experiences with Ne-Yo. One of the most startling revelations was the allegation that Ne-Yo had subjected her to physical violence, claiming that he body-slammed her during a heated altercation.

But the drama didn't end there. Sade also made damning claims about Ne-Yo's parenting and lifestyle choices, painting a troubling picture of the environment in which their children are raised. She alleged that she had to supervise their child at Ne-Yo's house to protect him from being exposed to his “Freak-offs,” a term she used to describe Ne-Yo's alleged promiscuous activities.

When Sade dropped the “ Jr.” bomb during the live session, it threw a whole new twist into the mix. It's like she's saying Ne-Yo's living that lavish and wild lifestyle, just like hip-hop mogul Diddy.

Adding insult to injury, Sade revealed that the woman in question was merely an Instagram promoter, further highlighting the chaotic nature of the situation. Despite her attempts to address the issues with Ne-Yo, Sade felt like her concerns were falling on deaf ears, prompting her to take matters into her own hands by publicly calling out the singer on social media.

During the IG live session, emotions ran high as Sade and Ne-Yo engaged in a heated exchange, with accusations and insults flying back and forth. Sade didn't mince words as she accused Ne-Yo of prioritizing partying and promiscuity over his responsibilities as a father, painting a damning picture of the singer's character.

Throughout the confrontation, Sade remained steadfast in her quest for transparency and accountability, refusing to back down in the face of Ne-Yo's attempts to deflect and dismiss her grievances. Despite the tense atmosphere, Sade remained resolute in her determination to speak her truth and shed light on the realities of her relationship with Ne-Yo.

It's worth noting that Ne-Yo and Sade Bagnerise have been through the wringer with their relationship. Just last year, they were in the midst of a messy legal tussle over their two little ones. Sade was adamant about getting full custody and cash support from Ne-Yo, only offering him weekend visits. Meanwhile, Ne-Yo wanted a DNA test to confirm his youngest son's paternity.

Fast forward to September, and the results were in: those kiddos are Ne-Yo's. So, that drama finally got settled. But it looks like the dust hasn't settled yet, with Sade dropping bombs about their parenting and personal life.

Ne-Yo's personal life is far from harmonious. With allegations of infidelity, neglect, and betrayal swirling around him, the R&B star finds himself at the center of a storm of controversy. Only time will tell whether Ne-Yo will take steps to address the issues raised by his ex-partners.

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Written by: Silvia Tine

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