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Nicki Minaj Takes Her Career To New Heights With Own Record Label

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The multi-talented hip-hop artist Nicki Minaj has announced that she has officially launched her own record label. The announcement came on Friday, March 3, during her Queen Radio show. The news was eagerly awaited by fans of the artist, who had been teased with the possibility of such an announcement since January 2022.

During the show, Nicki confirmed that she owns her own record label and has hired one of the best A&R executives in the industry. She also revealed that she has signed four new rising artists to her label, including Ghanaian artist Nane Fofie, Jamaican artist Skeng, Rico Danna, and the Bronx female rapper London Hill. Minaj has always been an advocate for new talent and giving a platform to rising stars, and her new record label is the perfect opportunity for her to do just that.

The Queen of Hip-Hop, as Minaj is often referred to, is known for her fierce and unapologetic style. She has always been an independent artist who has made her way into the music industry on her own terms. The launch of her own record label is a testament to her determination and drive to succeed.

Minaj has been teasing fans with the possibility of launching her own record label for some time. During a concert in January 2022, she told fans that she was getting ready to announce her record label and that the day had finally come. Her fans were eagerly awaiting the announcement, and when it finally came, it was met with excitement and enthusiasm.

During the Queen Radio show, Nicki played her new pop song, which features a sample of Lumidee's hit song “Never Leave You.” The new track is a commercial pop song that Nicki has put her own spin on. While playing the track, Nicki rapped alongside it, and her fans loved it.

One thing that Nicki did not reveal during the show was the name of her new record label. She simply announced the news by stating: “I'm not gonna announce the name but I have a record label now.”

In addition to promoting her music and her new artists, Nicki also addresses her feud with a YouTuber who called her a “Cokehead.” Nicki filed a defamation lawsuit against the YouTuber, Marley Green, also known as “Nosey Heaux,” in September of 2022. In court documents obtained by , it was revealed that the YouTuber failed to respond to the lawsuit, and Nicki's attorney, Judd Burstein, stated that when the case is over, the YouTuber will no longer be able to use the name “Nosey Heaux” because they will take her trademark from her while she does not have enough money to pay the judgment.


The hip-hop star is using her Queen Radio show not only to promote her music but also to promote her signees. She is dedicated to supporting new talent and giving them the opportunity to shine. Her new record label is a testament to her dedication to the music industry and to the new artists who are trying to make a name for themselves.

Minaj's decision to start her own label is a significant milestone in her career. She joins a small but growing list of black women in the music industry who own their own record labels, including Beyoncé, Missy Elliott, and Cardi B. This move also puts Nicki in a position to mentor and support up-and-coming artists, which she seems eager to do. During her show, she spoke highly of the four artists she signed and expressed her belief in their talent and potential.

While Nicki's Queen Radio show is often a platform for her to discuss her personal and professional life, it also serves as a promotional tool for her music and her brand. She frequently shares previews of new music, discusses her collaborations with other artists, and promotes her various business ventures. Her show has become a popular destination for her fans, who tune in to hear her thoughts on everything from music to social media.

's influence extends beyond her music and her show. She has been a vocal advocate for women's rights and has used her platform to address issues of sexism and gender inequality in the music industry. She has also been involved in various charitable causes, including donating money to support the victims of Hurricane Harvey and offering to pay tuition fees for students who excel academically. Her philanthropic efforts have earned her praise and respect from her fans and industry peers alike.

Written by: Silvia Tine

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