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Nicki Minaj’s Husband, Kenneth Petty, to Serve 4 Months on House Arrest for Offset Threats

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Kenneth Petty aka Zoo, the husband of , has been ordered by an LA federal judge to serve up to 120 days under home detention due to threatening remarks made towards , the spouse of .

This recent update comes after Natasha Alexandra Mingo, the Chief Probation and Pretrial Services Officer of the court, submitted a request about 's probation and supervised release. Kenneth Petty had previously been placed on probation by the Honorable Michael W. Fitzgerald on July 6, 2022, for a three-year term, with general and special conditions imposed by the court.

According to the petition, there is video evidence of Kenneth Petty making threats toward a specific person (Offset) while in the company of someone with a criminal record. This behavior has raised concerns about Petty's willingness to follow the court's orders. Consequently, the probation officer recommended placing him in the Location Monitoring Program. This program would allow for closer supervision of his activities, limit his movements, serve as a sanction for non-compliance, and hopefully encourage him to reflect on his community standing.

The probation officer asked the court to make Kenneth Petty do home detention for as long as 120 days. This could mean electronic monitoring, GPS tracking, checking for alcohol, or using an automated ID system. Kenneth Petty must follow all the rules set by the probation officer during this program.

The feud began when a video surfaced online, showing Kenneth Petty, who has a prior conviction as a sex offender, and his associates outside, apparently searching for Offset. In the video, one of Petty's associates can be heard shouting, “Offset, where you at?”

While the video didn't clarify the exact reason behind their pursuit of Offset, speculation began to circulate, suggesting a connection to an alleged encounter at the 2023 VMAs. Prior to this , there had been no public exchange of words between Kenneth Petty and Offset. However, given the past tensions between their wives, Nicki Minaj and Cardi B, the atmosphere at the VMAs was already charged.

Cardi B responded to the situation on social media, saying, “I ain't even flinch.” Although she didn't specify her target, some fans speculated that she or Offset might have felt threatened by Kenneth Petty.

This social media exchange didn't sit well with Petty and his associates, who took Cardi's post personally. A screenshot from one of Petty's affiliates' Instagram stories circulated online, featuring a picture of the pair backstage at the VMAs. The caption read, “@iamcardib, we ain't your average Queens n****az,” followed by a suggestion that Cardi had exposed her hand and that some individuals were feeling nervous.

Meanwhile, a close associate of Nicki Minaj's husband came forward to shed light on the reasons behind the recent feud between Zoo and Offset. He has also made public the direct messages (DMs) that Offset allegedly sent during the height of the dispute. These private conversations provide a unique glimpse into the personal dynamics that fueled their public dispute.

The origins of the feud, according to the associate, trace back to a video he and Zoo made, which he believes was misinterpreted by Offset and others. He said: “I guess they misinterpreted the video that Zoo and I made, and we were only talking about regular stuff. I guess Zoo made a comment like ‘Waiting for one of y'all n**as to act stupid,' and that was it. That was all that had been said.”

On Thursday, September 21st, Petty received the “Donkey Of Today” title on ‘' radio show. , the show's hosts, wasted no time in calling out Petty and addressing an issue that extends beyond just one individual: the allure of street life and its consequences.

Charlamagne opened his segment by making it clear that this critique was not about Nicki Minaj's husband but rather about all black men who find themselves unable to leave behind the dangerous lifestyle associated with the streets. He emphasized that being a “street n**a” is not a legitimate occupation, offering a humorous yet poignant reminder that there's no 401K or health insurance for those involved in street life.

The radio personality's message to Kenneth Petty and those in similar situations was lucid: it's high time to put aside immature and destructive behaviors associated with the streets. He implored them to contemplate their roles, particularly as husbands and fathers, and their duty to safeguard and provide for their families. He stressed the necessity for transformation, underscoring that persisting in street activities would inevitably lead to jail, death, or financial ruin.

Kenneth Petty's recent legal entanglements, including a sentence of up to 120 days of home detention due to his involvement in the threatening video, show the bad consequences of sticking to a street life. Charlamagne encouraged people like Petty, who have advantages, to stop the cycle of family problems and help others find a way out of street life.

Charlamagne Tha God shared an important message: smart folks learn from their errors, wise ones learn from others' mistakes, and the unwise never learn. The message is clear – we should all aim to get better. This situation and Charlamagne's words on ‘The Breakfast Club' remind us that we must break free from street life's temptations and look for better opportunities for ourselves and our communities.

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Written by: Silvia Tine

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