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Nipsey Hussle’s Killer Eric Holder Found Guilty Of First-Degree Murder

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It was a long wait for justice, but on Wednesday, Eric Holder was convicted of first-degree murder in the shooting death of Nipsey Hussle back in 2019.

was on March 31 of 2019 at the parking lot of his successful clothing store known as ‘The Marathon.'

When Eric Holder, the man convicted of killing rapper Nipsey Hussle, was found guilty of first-degree murder on Wednesday, it marked a bittersweet ending to a devastating chapter in ' history.

The jury of the Los Angeles courtroom announced the guilty verdict almost three weeks after the trial began.


The most serious charge in the conviction of Eric Ronald Holder Jr. on six counts— was first-degree murder.

The defendant Eric Holder was found guilty of first-degree murder and was held responsible for two counts of attempted voluntary manslaughter, two counts of armed assault, and one count of possessing a firearm while a felon. Two other victims were also shot during the murder by Holder. He was found not guilty of attempted murder.

Deputy District Attorney John McKinney spoke to the jury at the beginning of the trial on the circumstances of the terrible murder. Holder kicked Nipsey in the head after shooting him, saying it was an indication that the killing was personal.

The prosecutor says Holder was angered by a conversation he had with Nipsey and two other men and that he was accused of being a snitch or a police informant.


He continues claiming that Holder came back to the shop later that day with a firearm and that numerous witnesses saw him approach the rapper, start shooting, and wounded two other men.

Videos and images played during the trial show Holders leaving the scene while carrying a semi-automatic weapon.


Holder's attorney acknowledged he murdered Nipsey Hussle by shooting him, but he asked for a verdict of voluntary manslaughter instead of the more serious murder charge because “he was acting in the heat of passion.”

Herman Douglas, aka Cowboy, a close friend of Nipsey was a witness to the shooting and also testified in court. He said: “He made a mistake, he took out a good person. Even in the courtroom, he showed no remorse. He just sits there like he's innocent. He already pleaded guilty.”


Bryannita Nicholson, who was with Holder on the day of the murder, was one of the witnesses who took the stand. The witness testified that when Holder requested her to drive him around the block, she noticed that he was carrying a firearm and that when Holder got out of the car, she heard gunshots.

On Wednesday morning, July 6 of 2022 the jury read the following verdicts in the case of Nipsey Hussle:

“In the superior court of of Los Angeles. Departement 104, the people of the state of California versus Eric Ronald Holder JR. Case number B.A. 475908. We the jury in the above-entitled action find the defendant Eric Ronald Holder JR., guilty of the crime of first-degree murder of Ermias Asghedom in violation of penal code section 187 subsection A.
A felony has been charged in count one of the indictment.”


Eric Ronald Holder Jr. is scheduled to appear back in court on September 15 2022 where he could face life in prison.

will continue to honor Nipsey Hussle's memory and keep his legacy alive through , art, and so much more. Rest easy, homie—may justice be served!


Written by: Silvia Tine

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