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Offset Reacts To J Prince’s Strong Words: “Call My Phone”

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In a recent episode of “Million Dollaz Worth Of Game” hosted by Gillie Da Kid and Wallo, , and his family addressed the tragedy of 's passing. Takeoff, a former member of and the real-life nephew of and , was tragically shot and killed at a Houston bowling alley on November 1st, 2022, during a birthday celebration for J Prince's son, Jas.

The interview aimed to clear up speculation and rumors surrounding the . Gillie, the host, stated that they were reluctant to do the interview initially, as it was a sensitive situation. However, after speaking with Pierre “Pee” Thomas, the Co-founder and CEO of Quality Control , and reaching a mutual understanding, they decided to proceed with the interview.

“A lot of people got their own opinions, a lot of speculation, a lot of Instagram hype, but ain't nothing like hearing it from the horse's mouth and hitting the real deal of what happened,” Gillie explained during the interview.

The Prince Family then shared their side of the story and spoke on the events that took place that day. The aim of the interview was to shed light on what really happened and to clear up any misconceptions or false information.

However, at the end of the interview, J Prince spoke directly to Offset and had some strong words to say. He stated, “To the homie Quavo, my love for him hasn't changed. There will come a day when Quavo will be able to witness the truth of everything that has happened from A to Z. I look forward to that day and hope that love will bring us back together soon. However, I must also address Offset. I'm being genuine when I say that I don't appreciate individuals who throw rocks and hide their hands. One can put on a show in front of cameras, but in reality, they may not have been there for Takeoff when he was alive.”

J Prince continued, ” Imma just say this to you, don't never put me in a position where I have to defend myself. It wouldn't be healthy for you.” He added, “I have to say that I hate but it's a million dollars worth of game, it's a million dollars worth of game and I'm gonna give it to him. Right on a million dollars worth of game because I ain't gonna throw rocks and hide my hand. I'm gonna just let him know to him because I hear what's being said, and it's all love after that. Peace.”

Following J Prince's remarks about Offset during the interview, the latter has responded with a strong message of his own. In his response, Offset fires back at J Prince for speaking about his relationship with his real-life family Takeoff. Offset made it clear that he was not happy with J Prince's comments, stating that they were insensitive and did not take into consideration the feelings of Takeoff's family.

The rapper also challenged J Prince to call him directly if he had anything to say, instead of speaking through interviews. Offset expressed his disdain for the “she said, he said” style of communication and emphasized that he would only address the issue if it came directly from him.

It remains to be seen how this situation will be resolved, but one thing is for sure – Offset is not going to take J Prince's comments lying down. The rapper has made it clear that he will stand up for himself and his family, and will not allow anyone to speak out of turn about him or Takeoff.

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Written by: Silvia Tine

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