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Offset’s Money-Throwing at Starlets NY Leads to Scuffle

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In a scene straight out of a hip-hop video, found himself in a money-throwing war that quickly turned into a scuffle at Starlets Gentlemen's Club in New York City. The , captured on video and shared across social media, has since gone viral.

The footage shows Offset, the renowned rapper from the group , standing on stage at Starlets, a hotspot known for its luxurious entertainment. Holding a hefty stack of cash, he surveys the energetic crowd as bills flutter through the air. What starts as a playful display of wealth takes an unexpected turn when Offset, seeming visibly frustrated, abruptly places his money on the table.

In a bold move, Offset then leaps into the crowd, where chaos ensues as a group of men confronts him also engaged in the money-throwing spectacle. Security personnel swiftly intervene, pulling Offset away from the scuffle and restoring order to the club. The announcer, sensing the escalating tension, quickly calls for all staff to move downstairs.

Amidst the commotion, another figure on stage caught the attention of viewers. Rapper was seen next to Offset, with the video showing Offset pushing Skilla Baby away before jumping into the crowd. It was a split-second moment that added to the scene, with Skilla Baby appearing to be caught off guard by Offset's sudden decision.

Adding to the star-studded affair, rapper was also spotted at the event. As the evening unfolded with money flying and tempers flaring, Millyz was among the attendees witnessing the unexpected turn of events.

While the exact cause of the scuffle remains unclear, another video from the same night suggests that Offset was part of a “money war” with the crowd. In this intense exchange, cash was flying as both sides engaged in the money-throwing competition. It appears that words were exchanged amid the flurry of bills, leading to the unexpected clash.

Starlets Gentlemen's Club, known for its lavish and lively atmosphere, was the perfect setting for this larger-than-life incident. The club, a staple of New York City's nightlife, is no stranger to extravagant displays of wealth, where “making it rain” is part of the entertainment .

As news of the scuffle spreads across social media, fans and onlookers are left buzzing about Offset's impromptu leap into the crowd. While some may view it as a wild moment in the rapper's night out, others see it as just another night at Starlets, where extravagance and excitement collide.

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Written by: Silvia Tine

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