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Philthy Rich Reacts To Rapper “Hus Mozzy”About Chain Snatching

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Responds With Video

It all began when the rapper and CEO of Records named “Hus Mozzy” posted a video of him wearing a chain that looked similar to Philthy Rich‘s NoBFE chain. Claiming he snatched Rich chain.

The rapper tagged Philthy Rich in the post, saying “You wanna buy it back?”

After seeing the footage, the Oakland rapper responded with a video of his own to clear up any confusion about whether or not he was robbed. In the video he shows off his own chain, which looks exactly like the one featured in Hus Mozzy's post.

In the video Philthy says: “Stop capping, I am wearing this piece for 90 years.”

He continued saying: “If you want a chain that bad I would have gave you one, like I gave your boss one back in the day, stop doing that.”

“N****s around that is bitter and mad they've been felt a certain type of way about me and blood relationship. Me and blood was getting too close they was hating, they've been mad about that.” — “Real n****s around know man.”

“Just leave me alone, I'm not thinking about n****s and ain't definitely ain't worried about n****s. So I am doing me and you do you and I am gonna keep doing how i do, what I do like.”

The Oakland rapper “Rich”, known for his beefs with the Sacramento rapper “Mozzy” in the past, mentioned in a recent interview with (watch full interview below) that he doesn't have any with anybody anymore and he doesn't harbor any grudges against Mozzy.

When asking about the relationship between him and Mozzy, Rich responded: “We ain't see each other and we don't talk.”
Rich added: “We don't need to, it doesn't mean when you don't talk to somebody their is a issue.”

Rich revealed to the host Spazzez from No Jumper that he stopped with the back and forth diss tracks with Mozzy because the police got involved. He said:”The last song Mozzy made the police got involved so I just left it alone from there.”

It's easy to get caught up in the drama especially if there are people around who hate on your success; it involves two artists who are both very successful and respected in their community.

At this point, though, it seems like both sides have moved on from their beef with each other. It looks like they've both decided they're better off just focusing on their careers and success.

While we're not sure what will happen next, we can only hope that they'll continue making great music!

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Written by: Silvia Tine

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