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Playboi Carti’s Rolling Loud Performance Under Fire For Alleged Demonic And Evil Energy

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Rolling Loud, one of the biggest music festivals in the world, was rocked by controversy during the performance of artist Playboi Carti. Fans who attended the event were left shaken and disturbed by the alleged demonic energy emanating from the artist's set, leading some to walk out of the concert.

Playboi Carti, one of the most successful artists from the new era of music, has come under fire for his performance at , with some fans claiming that it was too demonic and disturbing. Despite this, the majority of Playboi Carti's fans enjoyed his performance, with some even hailing it as the best ever. One fan even shared a snippet of the performance, writing, “Playboi Carti just dethroned Travis Scott as the greatest performer of this era.”

Carti, known for his unorthodox style and experimental approach to hip-hop, took the stage at Rolling Loud to perform his latest hits to a packed audience. The artist also debuted a new song and delivered an energetic and spectacular performance. However, it was not long before some Rolling Loud attendees started to leave his performance, citing a disturbing and demonic atmosphere that they found too unsettling to bear.

One fan recorded her departure from the concert, capturing Carti's performance in the background as she made her way out of the venue. “I don't know if y'all can hear that…that mess behind me that I'm leaving,” she said in the video. “Something is not right with that. Jesus. In Jesus' name. I'm walking up and down this Rolling Loud concert praying.”

She continued, “That sounds like some mess. I can't. Lord God fix it, that's crazy.”

The video shared by on their page quickly went viral on social media, with fans expressing their shock and dismay at the allegations of demonic energy at the concert. Some fans shared their own experiences of feeling uncomfortable during Playboi Carti's set, while others defended the artist, arguing that his music was simply misunderstood.

Despite the controversy, Playboi Carti continued with his performance, with many loyal fans staying to watch his set until the end. However, the negative response to his performance has raised questions about the morality and values of hip-hop music, with some fans arguing that the genre has become too focused on shock value and controversy.

Carti's performance at Rolling Loud has generated mixed reactions from fans. While some fans left the performance, expressing their discomfort with the “demonic” and “disturbing” nature of his set, others praised him for putting on one of the best performances of the festival. The debate around Playboi Carti's music is not new, as his genre has often been categorized as hip-hop, despite having little to no resemblance to the traditional hip-hop sound.

The Rolling Loud festival has returned to Los Angeles, California, for the first time since 2019, and it boasts an impressive lineup that includes some of the biggest names in the hip-hop music industry, such as Travis Scott, , Lil Wayne, and Playboi Carti. Other notable performers include Lil Baby, , , Ski Mask the Slump God, , Don Toliver, Tyga, Kodak Black, , City Girls, , Sheck Wes, Aminé, Soulja Boy, Saweetie, and Moneybagg Yo, among others.

It is worth noting that one of the performers listed in the lineup, Tory Lanez, is currently locked up, leaving many fans puzzled about his inclusion and who will replace him. Nonetheless, the Rolling Loud festival promises to be a thrilling experience for hip-hop fans, with the star-studded lineup set to deliver unforgettable performances over the three-day event.

The festival kicked off on March 4th at the Hollywood Park grounds, adjacent to the SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California. This is the first Rolling Loud festival in Los Angeles since 2019, and it marks Hollywood Park's first-ever festival. Rolling Loud is one of the biggest hip-hop festivals across the globe, recurring annually since its debut in 2015 in Miami, Florida. In the years since the festival has expanded to include additional dates across America and several events abroad.

However, not everyone is excited about the event, as there were protesters outside the festival who were yelling at the attendees, calling them drug dealers and saying that their music is disgusting. The protesters were holding signs that read “God is angry”.

Carti's performance at Rolling Loud has sparked a conversation about the classification of music genres and the diverse tastes of music lovers. While some may find his music unsettling, others enjoy it for its unique style and energetic performances.

Regardless of one's opinion, Playboi Carti remains a successful artist who continues to attract a massive following, proving that his music resonates with many people. As the Rolling Loud festival continues, fans eagerly anticipate the performances of the remaining stars and hope to witness more exciting and memorable moments.

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Written by: Silvia Tine

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