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Brooklyn, New York – Nestled in the vibrant heart of Crown Heights resides an exceptional artist known as Chris Crown, formerly recognized as Scrapa. Originally hailing from Staten Island, Crown has left an indelible mark across various neighborhoods in the Big Apple, solidifying his stature as a pivotal figure in the local music scene. With an expanding discography comprising 15 singles, a collaborative mixtape titled “2 Shots” featuring Billy Official, an EP titled “Againzt the Grain,” and albums like “Black Crown” and “Different Lanes,” produced by Blacksoundz, Chris Crown is asserting himself as a formidable presence.

A month ago, Crown made a guest appearance on “Loungin’ With Scripz,” where he delved into his background as a Hip-Hop artist. During the interview, he shared insights into his upbringing in Crown Heights and the experiences he had with industry artists at the start of his career.


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About Chris Crown

Born in Brooklyn, Chris Crown’s background is a fusion of diverse cultures. His father hails from Venezuela, while his mother was born in Haiti. Their paths converged, leading to Crown’s birth and upbringing in Brooklyn and Staten Island.

Crown elaborated on his New York upbringing, explaining, “I’ve lived in Brooklyn, Staten Island, Manhattan, the Bronx, and Queens.” His family moved to Staten Island initially in pursuit of a better life. However, after facing challenges, they returned to Brooklyn before ultimately resettling in Staten Island. Crown praised his single mother for her hard work and dedication, as she juggled multiple jobs while he explored the streets of various neighborhoods.

During the interview, Crown talked more about his ties to Crown Heights, a neighborhood celebrated for its diverse culture. He explained that his name, “Chris Crown,” was inspired by his street address, 836 Crown Street, close to Lincoln Terrace Park. This spot held a special place in the hearts of the locals and had a big impact on his upbringing.

As the conversation progressed, the emcee discussed his involvement in different parts of Brooklyn, including the Utica side and Franklin side. He acknowledged the vibrant club scene in Brooklyn and reminisced about the good times he had there.

The interview shifted focus to his early musical influences, with Crown revealing his introduction to music through the church. At the tender age of five, he played the drums for the church choir, highlighting the role of music in his life from a young age.

The host inquired whether he had considered a path within the church, perhaps becoming a choir boy or even a pastor, given his early involvement. However, Crown explained that his life took a different turn due to the allure of the streets. He candidly shared that he had faced legal troubles, including an assault and robbery charge, when he was just 14 years old. His involvement in street activities and his surroundings ultimately shaped his music and lyrical expression.

Reflecting on his journey, Crown noted that his mother’s singing in the church had left a lasting impression on him. He acknowledged his early church involvement and the subsequent divergence in his path from traditional religious roles.

The Emcee continued to recount his journey into hip-hop, explaining how he transitioned from playing drums in church to picking up the microphone. It was during his high school years that he began to experiment with expressing himself through music. Instead of just beats on the drums, he found himself beating on tables and even his own chest, using these unconventional instruments to create rhythms.

His inspiration stemmed from the life he was living, running the streets and engaging in various activities. Crown had a wealth of experiences and stories to share, and he felt compelled to put them into words and music. He explained, “I had so much to talk about. I had things to say.” His unique perspective was shaped by his presence in different neighborhoods across all five boroughs of New York City.


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In an era before the dominance of social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, Crown was already a walking encyclopedia of street knowledge. He recalled his ability to provide firsthand accounts of events and occurrences in different boroughs, from the Bronx to Queens and Brooklyn. It wasn’t about scrolling through feeds or checking Twitter updates; it was about being present in those neighborhoods, experiencing them firsthand.

With a touch of humor and self-assuredness, Crown likened himself to a “world star” before the rise of platforms like WorldStarHipHop. His ability to stay connected and informed about street life and events made him a valuable source of information in his community. His journey into hip-hop was fueled by the desire to share his experiences and stories with the world, long before the era of viral videos and social media influencers.

In this way, Crown’s early experiences and unique perspective laid the foundation for his career in hip-hop, making him a storyteller of the streets and a voice for the neighborhoods he had traversed.


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Chris Crown’s Latest Project “Different Lanes”

May 5th, 2023, marked a significant milestone in Crown’s career with the release of his latest project, “Different Lanes.” This remarkable album boasts 12 tracks, each a testament to Crown’s evolving artistry and dedication to his craft. “Different Lanes” showcases Crown’s versatility and growth as an artist.

Notably, this project features collaborations with some incredibly talented artists, including Nam Denali, Cleph, Billy Official, Young Brooklyn, and StunnaDior. These dynamic partnerships add depth and diversity to the album, ensuring that “Different Lanes” offers an enriching musical experience for all listeners.

The debut single from Crown and Blacksoundz’s latest album, “Different Lanes,” titled “Show Love,” serves as a heartfelt ode to hip-hop. In his own words, Crown emphasizes the importance of unity and preserving the culture. He urges, “Stop all the Hate, remember where we came from, and let’s keep progressing the culture.”

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Crown’s versatility as an artist shines through his collaborations with rising talents like Freedom from Miami, Cortez, Kat De Luna, Cyssero from Philly, Sullee J from Baltimore, the late Fred Da Godson (may he rest in peace), Reek Da Villain, King Drive from Chicago, Mr. Raja, E Ness, and Cardan. These partnerships highlight Crown’s ability to hold his own on the microphone, showcasing his lyrical prowess and dedication to the craft. His impressive resume is a testament to the strong relationships and support he received from his former management, enabling him to seize every opportunity that came his way.

However, for Crown, success in the music industry isn’t solely about personal fame. He has a higher purpose in mind. Crown’s passion lies in helping others within the music community. He says, “My goal is to help. I’m not in it for fame. I want to teach what I’ve learned to other artists to help them advance. I love the artistry of music and the creativity of the people putting their feelings into a song. I want to motivate. That’s my goal—to motivate the unmotivated.”

Beyond music, Crown is expanding his horizons into the world of acting. He takes on a significant role in the web series “RADAR” as “Smiley,” a hustler determined to get what he deserves. As Crown continues to diversify his portfolio, music lovers and fans alike can explore his releases on various platforms such as Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, and more.

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In a world where the music industry can be riddled with competition and ego, Chris Crown stands out as a beacon of authenticity and positivity. His message is clear: it’s not just about the music; it’s about using your platform to uplift and inspire. As he continues to evolve as an artist and a mentor, Crown’s influence promises to leave an indelible mark on the hip-hop scene and the lives of those he touches along the way. attracts thousands of curious eyes daily among a young dynamic audience. The ideal hotspot for your products or services, Would you like to advertise on this website? Contact us today!

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