G Perico & BlocBoi Fame – Long Year

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G Perico & BlocBoi Fame – Long Year


[Intro: Village Boo]

G, you done already flooded these niggas out man
Now I guess it’s time to let the hurricane rain on ’em
While you tango all the way to the mothafuckin’ bank
‘Cause you know, the only way to progress
Is to trust the process, It’s village boo[Verse 1: G Perico]
It’s gon’ be a cold summer
It’s gon’ be a long year
With all these young niggas startin’ war
It’s gon’ be some mo’ niggas getting killed
They say you ain’t a real one, til’ you kill somethin’
Til’ you chip somethin’, til’ you make a million
Walk in this bitch with my mask on
Can’t be identified if I wanna blam somethin’
Hahaha, said where you from? All you hеard was blah blah
Pop go the weasel
Wе don’t give a fuck if you out with your people
If we don’t get you, you gon’ die anyway
That’s how that shit go on my side in LA
Had four hundred cash rubberband on my sofa
Took a pic for the gram but I still ain’t post it
I’m broke baby, South Central ain’t been no joke lately
But I like it like this I put the gang on the wall and I strike it like this
I-n-c-l-i-c-c, don’t facetime me while I’m out in the street
I gotta keep my head on a swivel
It’s a purge in the city, you ain’t heard? they’ll kill you
Murder games goin’ on, six years in and the hurricane goin’ strong
I can’t stop, five hundred grand a month, thirty grand a stop
A million on the block I own Broadway boxing
They said I had it wrong, I’m tryna see what they was watchin’
Tango tango tango tango tango tango tango tango
[Verse 2:BlocBoi Fame]
Yeah, it’s a lot on my plate, young nigga gotta carry all this weight
Now the crib gotta gate
I don’t sell real estate but I could put you in yo’ place
Let’s get it straight, lot of niggas that I fed actin’ like they never ate
You ungrateful ass niggas, if you don’t knock it off
Better use your head ‘fore I knock it off
Ay, big bossin’, big checks in the mail when I’m talkin’
Ay, fly shit I do often, I’ma be like this until they put me in a coffin
We could talk business when you pull up to the office
I’m still independent, I’ve been turnin’ down offers
Big chops, ain’t no tellin’ what it cost us
They killin’ int he city so you gotta move cautious
This LA, niggas runnin’ ’round with guns like GTA
Everybody gotta die, this could be yo’ day
I don’t know about y’all, but we don’t play
If they ain’t from two up gang then they ain’t straight
You ain’t tryna elevate, then you just in the way
And we ain’t got all day
Get your head in the game ‘fore you fumble the play
Ay, I’m Blocboi Fame
Put some respect on my motherfuckin’ name
Ay, you know what I claim
Commander and the chief of the two whip gang
Ay, I’m Blocboi Fame
I’m the OG I give you little niggas all the game
And no we not the same
When I die they gone put a nigga in the hall of fame


Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
Artist: G Perico & BlocBoi Fame

Stream: https://music.empi.re/tango  
Merch: https://www.bluetshirt.co


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bgperico
Twitter: https://twitter.com/bgperico  
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BGPerico

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