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French rapper Mac-D is making a name for himself in the music industry, representing his hometown of Sarcelles in France. With roots from Mali and Senegal, he embraces the rich sounds of these two countries, infusing them into his music and offering a fresh perspective on the world, whether it’s social issues or political matters.

Mac-D’s journey into music began with his group, “S-Killa,” where he worked tirelessly to refine his songwriting skills, flow, and overall technique. Together with his talented groupmates, he took their music to stages all across France, including notable performances as the opening act for renowned female rapper Diam and various festivals. Throughout his career, Mac-D has also contributed to several compilations and mixtapes.

In 2009, Mac-D and his crew released an album called “Katrina,” drawing inspiration from the hurricane of the same name. This album showcased their creativity and marked a significant milestone in their musical journey. Following this achievement, Mac-D decided to begin a solo career, captivating audiences with his debut EP titled “Flow Noir,” which is available for download and streaming on all major music platforms.

Last year, the rising star made a memorable appearance on the popular French hip-hop platform “Generations,” solidifying his name in the rap scene in France. With his impressive freestyle skills, he showcased his talent on the Lamal Live show, leaving a lasting impression on the audience.


During the interview, Mac-D delved into various aspects of his career and personal life. He shared stories about his early journey in music, including his time as part of a rap group comprised of childhood friends and hockey teammates. Although the group eventually disbanded, the strong bond between Mac-D and his former group members remained intact.

Reflecting on the evolution of rap music, Mac-D expressed the importance of open-mindedness and the willingness to incorporate diverse musical influences. He praised the current generation of artists for their exploration of different genres, noting that it brings a fresh perspective to the hip-hop scene while staying true to the roots of rap.

The conversation also touched upon Mac-D’s experiences touring with renowned artists in the early stages of his career. He fondly recalled opening acts for esteemed hip-hop groups like Sniper, which provided him with invaluable opportunities to connect with established artists and expand his artistic horizons.


As we wrap up this article on Mac-D’s remarkable musical career, we want to provide you with the means to connect with this talented artist. If you’re an American artist looking to collaborate with Mac-D and have him lend his French verse to your track, we encourage you to reach out to him. Connect with Mac-D on his social media platforms listed below:






Mac-D is excited to explore new artistic ventures and welcomes the opportunity to work with fellow musicians and agencies. Don’t miss out on the chance to collaborate with this talented artist.

We, at Dilemaradio, are excited to introduce Mac-D to our American audience. Join us in supporting and celebrating the talent of Mac-D as he continues to rise in the music industry. Follow him on social media, reach out for features, and book him for future projects. The possibilities are endless when you combine your creativity with the unmatched artistry of Mac-D.

STREAM: Mac-D – “Rue du Queen”



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