Rowdy Rebel – Rowdy vs. Rebel

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Rowdy Rebel – Rowdy vs. Rebel


(Draco) Brrt, ah, ah, ah, huh
Niggas always talkin’ ’bout it’s up (Ayy), then it’s stuck (Ayy)
We gon’ leave it up to them (Ayy, pussy, ah, gah, baow)

[Verse 1]
If we see a opp, then nigga, we dumpin’ (Ayy)
Four get to knockin’ on ’em, we gon’ jump ’em (Ayy)
And my bro got the beatin’ on ’em, get to punchin’ (Ayy)
Makin’ a movie scene all in public (Ayy)
Niggas be tryna tell me, “Rowdy, chill” (Rowdy, chill, ayy)
But Rebel really never nothin’ (Never nothin’)
Rebel the one that be bussin’ (Huh?)
Rowdy the one with the jewelry bussin’ (Come on)
Rebel thе one the be slidin’ (Skrrt)
Rowdy thе one that be chillin’ and hidin’
Rebel the one that’s stupid (Stupid)
But Rowdy the one that just care ’bout this music (Come on)
Rowdy the one that gettin’ these papers
Fuckin’ these bitches, don’t care ’bout these haters (Don’t care ’bout these haters)
Rebel the one still slide through blocks
Rollin’ up them chops, wakin’ up them neighbors (Wakin’ up them neighbors)
Rowdy just wanna rap, Rebel just wanna trap (Just wanna trap)
Rebel wanna slide, Rowdy wanna chat (Rowdy wanna chat)
Rowdy got a mic’, Rebel got a MAC (Grrt)
Rowdy seein’ green, Rebel seein’ black (Baow, baow-baow-baow-baow)
Rowdy doin’ good, Rowdy sittin’ back (Rowdy sittin’ back)
Rebel off a bean, he just gettin’ back (He just gettin’ back)
Rowdy thinkin’ mills, Rowdy thinkin’ plaques (Thinkin’ more plaques, nigga)
Rebel thinkin’ drills, Rebel thinkin’, “Snap,” gang (Thinkin’ of gettin’ back, nigga)
Rowdy wanna chill and go party (Huh?)
Rebel wanna shoot up the party (Boom, boom)
Rowdy wanna slide through the hood (Skrrt)
Man, Rebel wanna pop out and [?] (Grrt)
Rowdy wanna move laid back
Man, Rebel wanna move real rocky (Real rock)
Rowdy wanna chill with some bitches
While Rebel wanna chill with the army, gang

Late nights, I’m out of my mind, woo (I’m out of my mind, bro)
I talk to myself and this what I find (Ayy, this what I find, bro)
“Ayy, yo, Rowdy, let’s do a drive-by,” (Skrrt) “Let’s do a drive-by”
(“Ayy, yo, bro, but I told you, ‘Forget it,'” boom, boom, boom)
“Ayy, yo, Rowdy, let’s do a drive-by, let’s do a drive-by”
(“You know what, Rebel, let’s get it”)

[Verse 2]
Ayy, yo, Rowdy, you drive (Come on)
And what kinda ride? We’re takin’ mine (Skrrt)
The 745? (Yeah) Nigga, that is a B-M, how we gon’ hide? Nah
Let’s take a hooptie, a better disguise, fuck it, let’s slide (Let’s slide)
They right up the block, they right on the side, by 225
Nah, 223rd, they right on the curve, niggas say, “Word” (Say word)
Them niggas is birds, oh they playin’ with fire? Them niggas get burned (Grrt)
When I’m out this window (Bah), with this new extendo
Not sure, I don’t shoot ya, why I don’t shoot ya? (Baow, baow, baow, baow)
I just bought me a new Glock, I just bought me a new TEC (Huh?)
I try to pop out and use that (Baow)
I’ma spin first, nigga, this mission, you spin next (Baow, baow)
Lil’ brodie like, “Say less” (Baow)
Mister Hop Out And Throw It, he makin’ a straight mess (Baow, baow, baow)
Lil’ brodie like, “Say less” (Baow)
Drop a body in public in front of your Payless (Baow)
Lil’ brodie like, “Say less”
Drop a body in public in front of your Payless


Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
Rowdy Rebel

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