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Belgian-Congolese artist Ty Shaw Hvdes is setting the music industry on fire with his one-of-a-kind fusion of urban, emo, and rockstar vibes, showcasing a style that’s entirely his own.

An artist who expresses himself in English, Ty Shaw’s evolution in music has been influenced by a diverse range of mentors and artists. From pop sensations like Chris Brown to contemporary icons such as Young Thug and Lil Uzi Vert, his music reflects a broad spectrum of influences.

His stage name, “Ty Shaw Hvdes,” holds symbolic significance, with “Hvdes” evoking both the Greek god of the underworld and the darker aspects of Ty Shaw’s personality and art. “Shaw” represents his wise and fun-loving nature, while “Ty” reps. the values instilled in him by his mother.

Ty Shaw Hvdes isn’t just a rapper; he’s also a dynamic DJ. With a repertoire spanning from trap and drill to afro and dancehall, he crafts a unique ambiance he dubs the “Holy Club.” This imaginative concept celebrates his affinity for strippers and urban culture, seamlessly blending diverse musical styles to cultivate a harmonious atmosphere.

Furthermore, Ty Shaw is also a clothing designer and a regular fixture in clubs, where he showcases his talents on the turntables.


Looking to the future, Ty Shaw Hvdes has clear ambitions of making a mark in the music industry. He aims to sign a contract that will enable him to make a living from his music, collaborate with other artists and producers, and support his community.

With his bold artistic vision, Ty Shaw Hvdes is set to shine in contemporary music. His infectious energy and groundbreaking creativity promise to leave a lasting impression and inspire all who enter his unique universe.

From his early days as a breakdancer to his current status as a rising rap star, Ty Shaw Hvdes’ path speaks volumes about his passion for music and determination to succeed. Collaborations with fellow artists like SYMN only serve to enhance his growing reputation, with tracks like “Next Please” showcasing his unique style and talent.


In the music scene, Ty Shaw Hvdes is unique, bringing new energy and creativity to fans worldwide. Check out Ty Shaw Hvdes’ wicked world — it’s gonna be off the hook!

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