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R. Kelly’s Former Cellmate Breaks Silence on Jay-Z in Exclusive Interview with Hip Hop Uncensored

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In a recent exclusive interview with Hip Hop News Uncensored, R. Kelly's former cellmate, Ronnie Bo, made shocking revelations about and their interactions during their time in prison together. Hosted by O'god and , the interview delved into the “dirty secrets” R. Kelly shared with Ronnie Bo about the hip-hop mogul.

During the interview, Ronnie Bo disclosed that R. Kelly was originally set to collaborate with Tupac on the album “Best of Both Worlds.” However, due to 's untimely demise, the opportunity passed. Jay-Z, who was on the rise at the time, saw this as a chance to step into the shoes of the late rap legends and aimed to surpass their success.

According to the former cellmate, R. Kelly, and Jay-Z encountered conflicts during the process of putting the album together and especially while on tour. Petty disagreements and insecurities arose between them, with Jay-Z allegedly feeling overshadowed by R. Kelly's massive success. Ronnie Bo claimed that HOV even made remarks suggesting that he was not as significant as R. Kelly.

The interview took a surprising turn when Ronnie Bo revealed that he believed HOV was behind death threats R. Kelly received prior to a show at Madison Square Garden. This led to the cancellation of the tour, with Jay-Z having to carry on without R. Kelly. Eventually, the R&B singer sued Jay-Z for $70 million, escalating the conflicts between them.

Furthermore, Kelly's ex-cellmate expressed his suspicions that HOV had connections and influence within the industry, potentially leading to the R&B singer's downfall. He claimed that Jay-Z's ex-girlfriend, Dream Hampton, who was the executive producer of the “Surviving R. Kelly” documentary, received funding from the hip-hop mogul. Ronnie Bo believes this funding was instrumental in tarnishing R. Kelly's image.


In the interview, Ronnie Bo also discussed the darker side of the music industry, highlighting how artists who do not conform to a certain agenda can face blacklisting. He shared his personal experience of being restricted from certain platforms and projects due to the publicity surrounding his name, drawing parallels to R. Kelly's alleged blacklisting.

Additionally, the former cellmate mentioned R. Kelly's comments about the industry's double standards. He pointed out how Jay-Z's relationship with Foxy Brown at a young age received little criticism compared to the backlash R. Kelly faced regarding his involvement with . Bo suggested that R. Kelly's situation was magnified while Jay-Z escaped similar scrutiny.


Finally, Bo spoke about R. Kelly's feelings of being trapped within the industry, feeling like he had unknowingly “sold his soul” and yearned to escape. He hinted at the industry's potential involvement in R. Kelly's downfall, citing R. Kelly's own song “I Wish” as evidence of his struggles.

The interview revealed conflicts and secrets between R. Kelly and Jay-Z, showing a new side to their relationship. Ronnie Bo's story is captivating audiences and making people question how the music industry really works and who holds the power.

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Written by: Silvia Tine

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