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Rick Ross Responds To Neighbor’s Complaints About His Animals Causing Damage

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Rick Ross has been in the headlines recently for his collection of exotic animals on his estate, Promise Land, located in Fayetteville, Georgia. The 235-acre estate is home to a variety of animals, including horses, bulls, and cows.

On Sunday, March 19th, one of Ross's neighbors made a complaint about the presence of two buffaloes on her property. The woman, who claimed to have seen the buffaloes in her yard twice in the past week, expressed concern for the safety of her children who play outside.

Following the complaint, Ross issued a statement thanking TMZ for alerting him to the situation with his animals. He stated that he was unaware that they were causing any problems.

In the statement, Ross also defended his animals, particularly the buffaloes, as peaceful creatures that are safe around humans. He even suggested that his neighbors give the buffaloes fruits and vegetables as a treat.

In his statement addressing the with his buffaloes, Ross said, “Morning Glory it's a beautiful day and for everybody that's wanting this statement and response for my bulls and my cows a couple of buffaloes that got away in the community this is my response. I always return straight animals make sure you always keep a collar on your animals. Mine don't have a collar cause you know it's mine so when you see my buffalo give it a carrot, give it an apple they are so kind they so peaceful. Thank everybody for watching thank everybody for making sure all of my animals got back into the Promise land. To all my neighbors in Fayetteville, you're the best. – boss-“

Ross's collection of animals has been a topic of fascination for many of his fans, with pictures and videos of the animals regularly appearing on his social media accounts.

In March 2022, Ross added two buffaloes to his collection of animals, which further increased interest in his estate and animals. While some may view his collection as an eccentric hobby, others see it as a testament to his success and wealth.

Regardless of one's opinion on the keeping of exotic animals, the responsibility that comes with owning such animals. Proper care and attention must be given to ensure the safety of both the animals and the surrounding community. In this case, it appears that Ross's animals were safely returned to their home at Promise Land without any harm being caused to the surrounding area.

As for the , it remains to be seen whether Ross will continue to add to his collection of animals, or if he will face any further complaints from his neighbors. However, one thing is certain – Ross's love for exotic animals is here to stay.

Promise Land, Ross's estate in Fayetteville, Georgia, is a sprawling 235-acre property that is home to not only his collection of animals but also a 54,000-square-foot mansion. The property is a reflection of Ross's success as a hip-hop mogul and businessman, and it serves as a symbol of the wealth and opulence that he has achieved over the years.

In addition to his exotic animals, Ross has also used the estate to host various events, including concerts and parties. The property has even been used as a filming location for and TV shows, further cementing its status as a popular destination for celebrities and entertainment industry insiders.

While some may view Ross's collection of animals and his extravagant estate as a display of wealth and excess, others see it as a reflection of his love for wildlife and his desire to provide a safe and comfortable environment for his animals. In his statement following the incident with the buffaloes, Ross emphasized his commitment to the well-being of his animals and his responsibility as their owner.

It is worth noting that the keeping of exotic animals is not illegal in the state of Georgia, although there are regulations in place to ensure that the animals are treated humanely and safely. Ross has not been accused of any wrongdoing in regard to his animals, and it appears that he takes his responsibilities as an animal owner seriously.

As Rozay continues to build his legacy in the industry and beyond, it is likely that his estate and his collection of animals will remain a topic of interest for fans and critics alike. Whether you view it as a testament to his success or as a display of excess, there is no denying that Promise Land and the animals that call it home are a reflection of the larger-than-life personality of the man known as the “big boss.”

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Written by: Silvia Tine

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