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Rick Ross vs. Dee-1: Rapper Responds to Diss with Thoughtful Response

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In a recent appearance on the Sway In The Morning Show, rapper Dee-1 got candid about the state of hip-hop, specifically addressing and in the wake of their new song release. His frank discussion on the podcast stirred up some controversy, leading to responses from Meek Mill and Rick Ross.

During the interview, didn't hold back, stating, “I love you too much to not be honest with you. Rick Ross, you could do better, brother. Meek Mill, you could do better, brother.” He went on to question whether they were genuinely the face of prison reform, considering the lyrics of their new song seemed to glorify violence. He shared a personal story of giving away 1300 pairs of their branded shoes for a prison reform cause but feeling conflicted about their recent lyrics.

Dee-1 raised important points about the impact of on real-life situations, recounting a moment when he realized he was listening to music that glorified violence shortly after his best friend was killed. He argued that the power of music and lyrics should not be underestimated, quoting Proverbs 18:21: “There's death and life in the power of the tongue.”

The rapper concluded by stressing the need for a candid conversation about the content in hip-hop, saying that it's more than just entertainment and that it has real-life consequences. Dee-1's critique has sparked discussions about the responsibility of artists and the influence of their work on the world.

In response, Ross took to his Instagram with a rather humorous take on Dee-1's critique. With a touch of sarcasm, he fired back, saying, “You could do better, , you could do better. Rick Ross, you could do better. I've got to see you do better. Wait, wait, little man, whoever you are, until you feed the kids where you're from for 20 years straight, don't question Rozay.”


Ross continued, emphasizing his commitment to philanthropic efforts, “Wait until you buy 10,000 bikes, 10,000 trikes, give all the young girls who are pregnant Pampers for Christmas for 20 years straight, don't question the boss, you heard me, little man.” He challenged Dee-1 to take tangible actions and make a lasting impact on his community.

The hip-hop mogul went on to tease Dee-1 about his viral moment, saying, “Get that basket off your head so you can think clearly, little man. You're going viral for speaking on n**as names, not because of your talent or your gift. Go viral, player, for your wisdom that you're sharing.”

With a mix of sarcasm and challenge, Ross suggested that Dee-1 should step up and make a tangible difference, “Get that basket off your head, boy, and come together with real n**as around the world.”

Rozay concluded by underlining the importance of giving back to the community, “Go viral feeding those kids in your hood, go viral giving away bikes at Christmas time. Jim Jones just gave away six figures worth of clothes in his hood, and you're a n**ga who's talking, looking vegan, knowing you eat more goddamn Piggly Wiggly bacon than any other n**ga out here. Shut up.”


Ross's humorous but challenging response to Dee-1's critique added a new layer to the ongoing discussion about the role of hip-hop artists in their communities and the impact of their actions.

Dee-1's callout and Rick Ross's response have highlighted the need for a civil and constructive conversation within the hip-hop community. It's clear that there might be some miscommunication or misinterpretation of Dee-1's message, and a healthy dialogue between artists could help clarify their perspectives and lead to a resolution.

In response to Rick Ross, Dee-1 shared his thoughts on Instagram. He acknowledged that there might be some misunderstanding and explained that he was focusing on the lyrical content, while Ross seemed to pivot to discussing turkeys and charitable efforts. Dee-1 was aware that Ross might not be familiar with his background, but he explained that many people do know the work he's been doing for the past 15 years, from his involvement in schools, churches, and communities to his work in prisons.


Dee-1 clarified that his intention was not to attack Ross but to challenge him to do better and reach his full potential. He also addressed the online bravado and noted that Ross's reaction might stem from feeling hurt. Dee-1 expressed his love for Ross but said that he wouldn't engage in making jokes, as the internet was already doing that.

The rapper encouraged Rozay to have a constructive conversation about the impact of music and its message on the community. Dee-1 mentioned that they have mutual friends, like Curren$y, who could potentially mediate a conversation.

Dee-1 pointed out that he wasn't attacking Ross personally but rather addressing the content of his music, which often glorified murder and drug dealing. He asked when the message in hip-hop would change and urged Ross to use his platform to speak life into the ears of his listeners. Dee-1 concluded by highlighting the importance of responsible messaging in the hip-hop industry and expressed his hope for a productive dialogue with Ross.

In a nutshell, Dee-1's callout and Rick Ross's comeback have sparked a hefty debate on social media. The power of music over society remains at the forefront of this discussion. As this conversation unfolds, artists may ponder the repercussions of their art and the messages they put out there. The balancing act between artistic freedom and social responsibility will likely remain a topic of interest in the dynamic world of hip-hop. Ultimately, it's up to each artist to determine how they wish to wield their influence and connect with their audience.

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Written by: Silvia Tine

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