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Rubi Rose Exposes Troubling Behavior of Fan Who Spent a Fortune to Get Close to Her

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OnlyFans sensation has decided to shine a light on the unsettling messages she's been receiving from a dedicated fan. The fan, who reportedly spent over $90,000 on Rose's content, has not only declared his undying love but has also gone to the extreme of getting a tattoo of her face on his body.

Rubi Rose, known for her explicit content on the adult platform OnlyFans, recently took to social media to share a series of disturbing messages from her ardent admirer. The messages, characterized by possessiveness and an apparent obsession, have left many questioning the fan's mental state.

The fan's initial messages began innocently enough, with inquiries about Rose's plans and expressions of a perceived connection between them. However, as time progressed, the tone shifted dramatically, revealing an intense and disturbing infatuation.

Expressions of love and devotion poured out, with the fan claiming to be willing to do anything for Rose, even to the point of emptying his bank account. The messages took a dark turn when he threatened anger and expressed frustration at Rose's perceived lack of response, demonstrating a concerning level of possessiveness.

“I am in love with you. Why won't you love me. I would do anything for you, I would fly anywhere to be with you. All that I can ever think of is you, there is not a single other person in the world as perfect as you are. You could be my Queen and I be your king. I would give you anything you could ever wish for. We can even have a one-sided open-end relationship where you can do whatever you want as long as I know that at the end of the day you come home to me and are only with me. I promise I will treat you better than anyone Rubi. I love you with all of my heart. I have never felt this way about anyone.”

The fan escalated the situation by sharing a receipt indicating a staggering $91,422 in spending on Rose's content. This financial commitment was accompanied by more messages professing undying love, a desire to marry Rose, and promises to sacrifice everything for her.

“I will empty my bank account just to be with you, I will travel across the country just to randomly run into you again, I will never be over you, you are the love of my life.”

In an alarming twist, the fan suggested extreme actions such as homelessness and a willingness to watch Rose engage in intimate activities with others, showcasing a disturbing level of obsession. He even offered to send 10 bitcoins, valued at almost $400,000, in exchange for a single response from Rose.

“I can watch you have sexual actions with other men just to pleasure your sexual needs. I can be your sissy boy and let you boss me around while I do whatever you demand of me in my sissy maid outfit. I will do anything at any cost just to make you happy and just to be in the same room that you are breathing in.”

The obsessed fan even offered to send 10 bitcoins, valued at almost $400,000, in exchange for a single response from Rose.

“I will send you 10 bitcoin right now if you answer me, that is worth almost $400,000 all you have to do is respond to me with one word rubi. Please I need your attention, I need to make sure that my kitten is safe.”

The situation reached a new level of intensity when the fan shared screenshots of his Bitcoin balance and urged Rose to acknowledge his messages. Desperation seeped into the messages as he pleaded for attention, claiming that his life was incomplete without Rose.

“Kitten? Are you there? My messages say you read them but it could be a glitch like last time when it said you read it for 4 days and you said you didn't.”

The obsession culminated in the fan revealing a shocking surprise—a tattoo of Rubi Rose's face on his body. The fan proudly showcased the tattoo and expressed excitement about revealing his commitment to Rose.

“I have a surprise to show you. My commitment. I know you will love it. It is almost done, I can't wait to show you.”

Rubi Rose's decision to bring these messages to light raises important questions about the potential dangers of online interactions, highlighting the blurred lines between fandom and unhealthy obsession.

As this story unfolds, the question remains: how far is too far when it comes to fandom, and what responsibilities do influencers bear in managing the potentially unhealthy relationships that can arise from their online presence?

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Written by: Silvia Tine

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