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Snoop Dogg Reacts To Drake’s AI Diss Track Aimed at Kendrick Lamar

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has once again sparked controversy with his latest move: using artificial intelligence (AI) to diss , featuring voices resembling those of and the late Shakur. The track, titled “Tailor Made Freestyle,” is Drake's latest attempt to call out Lamar and instigate a response.

For those who might be scratching their heads, let's break it down. Drake, known for his strategic moves in the rap game, is no stranger to stirring the pot. This time, he's taken it up a notch by employing AI to simulate the voices of hip-hop legends Snoop Dogg and Tupac Shakur, using them to taunt Kendrick Lamar for not engaging in a lyrical showdown.

The response from the hip-hop community has been mixed, with some applauding Drake's boldness while others question the ethics of using AI to mimic iconic voices. However, Drake made it clear that this track is not intended for profit as it's not available on streaming platforms.

One of the most anticipated reactions was from none other than Snoop Dogg himself. In a candid Instagram video, Snoop expressed his confusion upon waking up to a flood of messages about the track. His nonchalant response perfectly encapsulated the sentiment of many fans wondering what exactly was going on.

“They did WHAT? When? Where? What? Are you sure?” Snoop questioned in the video, clearly caught off guard by the news. “Why is everybody calling my phone? What happened? What's going on? I'm going back to bed. Good night,” he concluded, shrugging off the situation with his signature laid-back demeanor.

While Snoop seemed unfazed by the stunt, the response from Tupac's estate remains to be seen. With the increasing use of AI in production, questions about intellectual property and artistic integrity are bound to arise. As technology continues to advance, distinguishing between authentic and AI-generated content will become increasingly challenging.

Drake's move may be seen as a playful jab or a clever marketing tactic, but it also opens up a conversation about the ethical implications of AI in music creation. As the lines between creativity and technology blur, artists and industry professionals will need to navigate this new terrain carefully.

In the meantime, the ball is in Kendrick Lamar's court. Will he respond to Drake's taunts, or will he choose to stay silent? Only time will tell as the saga between these two titans of hip-hop continues to unfold.

Analyzing Drake's AI : “Tailor Made Freestyle”

In “Tailor Made Freestyle,” Drake brings AI to the forefront, featuring voices that resemble Snoop Dogg and the legendary Tupac Shakur. Let's dive into the lyrics that have sparked discussion in the hip-hop community.

[Intro: (AI)] “Killuminati Dons rise again You can see it in my eyes again”

The track opens with a haunting AI voice resembling Tupac, setting a tone of intensity and historical reference to the rap game.

[Verse 1: 2Pac (AI)] “Kendrick, we need ya, the West Coast savior Engraving your name in some hip-hop history If you deal with this viciously You seem a little nervous about all the publicity Fuck this Canadian light skin, Dot We need a no-debated West Coast victory, man”

The AI Tupac doesn't hold back, urging Kendrick Lamar to step up to the challenge and defend the West Coast's honor against Drake's provocation. The reference to Kendrick's alleged discomfort with media attention adds a personal touch.

[Verse 2: Snoop Dogg (AI)] “Nephew, what the fuck you really 'bout to do? We passed you the torch at the House of Blues And now you gotta do some dirty work, you know how to move, right? Right? I know you never been to jail or wore jumpsuits and shower shoes Never shot nobody, never stabbed nobody Never did nothing violent to no one, it's the homies that empower you But still, you gotta show this fuckin' owl who's boss on the West”

Here, the AI Snoop Dogg takes the mic, highlighting the expectations placed on Kendrick Lamar as a torchbearer of the West Coast. He challenges Kendrick's street credibility, suggesting he needs to assert himself against Drake's taunts.

[Verse 3: Drake] “Yeah, unc', that's the truth I'm definitely 'bout to come around the Lang gang and let my fuckin' bowel move Shittin' on you niggas from a whole different altitude High up in the sky like I'm Howard Hughes”

Drake responds in his own voice, asserting his dominance and confidence in his lyrical prowess. He metaphorically places himself above the competition, ready to deliver a lyrical knockout.

[Outro: Drake] “Yeah, shout out to Biggest gangster in the music game right now You know, I moved my album when she dropped, I said that already You know, she 'bout to milli' run through a Milly Rock on your head top, well She got the whole pgLang on mute like that challenge, y'all boys quiet for the weekend, like Dot, I know you're in that NY apartment, you strugglin' right now, I know it In the notepad doing lyrical gymnastics, my boy You better have a motherfuckin' quintuple entendre on that shit Some shit I don't even understand, like That shit better be crazy, we waitin' on you”

Drake ends the track with a nod to Taylor Swift and her impact on the industry, highlighting his admiration for her moves. He also throws a challenge back to Kendrick Lamar, insinuating that Kendrick needs to step up his lyrical game in response.

In “Tailor Made Freestyle,” Drake continues to innovate, using AI to craft a provocative and attention-grabbing diss track. Mixing in AI voices that echo hip-hop legends adds another layer of complexity and controversy to the ongoing rap feud. As the hip-hop community eagerly anticipates Kendrick Lamar's response, one thing is certain: Drake isn't shying away from the challenge.

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Written by: Silvia Tine

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