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Suge Knight Speaks Out in First Podcast Interview: The Introduction

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In a groundbreaking debut episode, Suge Knight takes center stage on his podcast, “Collect Call With ,” to set the record straight on a plethora of intriguing characters and long-standing controversies. The episode, which leaves no stone unturned, features Suge addressing notable figures such as Mob James, , Wack 100, Michael “Harry O” Harris, and even Snoop Dogg, debunking rumors and dispelling falsehoods that have lingered for years.

Mob James, known as James Mc Donalds, hailing from the streets of Compton, shares his early history with Suge Knight. Over the past few years, Mob James has conducted numerous interviews asserting claims about Suge that the man himself vehemently denies. Suge Knight takes this opportunity to respond to these allegations, finally shedding light on the truth.

Akon once insinuated that Suge Knight was knocked out by his bodyguard, igniting a public dispute. Suge Knight takes a moment in the podcast to address this and provide his side of the story. Additionally, he delves into the controversy surrounding one of Akon's producers, Details, a well-known producer who faced charges of assaulting multiple women in 2020.

Wack 100, the prominent music industry talent manager and executive, now a social media influencer, claimed to have paid for Suge Knight's mother's funeral while Suge was imprisoned in 2017. Suge, not one to back down, seizes the opportunity to share his own perspective on this matter.

One of the most critical aspects of this episode is Suge Knight's decisive clarification on the inception of Death Row Records, setting the record straight about Michael “Harry O” Harris's involvement.

Master P, the founder of No Limit Records, signed Snoop Dogg to the label in 1998 and mentioned visiting Suge Knight in prison for negotiations. Suge Knight provides his insights into this pivotal moment in hip-hop history.

Moreover, Suge Knight discusses the legendary rapper/producer Warren G, who recently claimed on podcast that he intended to bail out Shakur before Suge Knight did.

The podcast reaches a touching high point as Suge Knight acknowledges and celebrates emerging talents in the music world, and Cardi B. He commends NBA Youngboy, saying, “NBA YoungBoy, man I like that young motherf***er; he deserves his cigars.” Suge Knight further praises , acknowledging her as one of the industry's brightest stars and an exceptional businesswoman. He also takes a moment to recognize the talent in the R&B world, mentioning Summer Walker and .

Suge Knight's first episode is a must-listen, offering a unique and unfiltered perspective on these influential moments in the music industry's history. shares the Spotify link to ensure you don't miss a moment of this exclusive revelation.

Suge Knight Episode 1: The Introduction

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Written by: Silvia Tine

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