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T.I And Boosie’s Beef Continues As Fans Take Sides On Social media

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Rapper T.I, also known as Tip, has fired back at fellow artist Boosie Badazz after he accused him of cooperating with law enforcement in a recent interview with Vlad on his show VladTV.

During the interview, DJ Vlad mentioned a podcast in which discussed catching a gun case with his cousin, who subsequently died. The podcast also featured the rapper's admission that he cooperated with authorities to make the case go away.

In response, called out T.I for being a “rat,” stating that anyone who cooperates with law enforcement to get out of trouble is a rat. He also expressed disbelief that T.I had been able to keep such a secret for so long and suggested that the rapper was lying.

T.I, however, has since taken to Instagram to respond to Boosie's claims, stating that he has some paperwork to show him and challenging Boosie to pull up and see for himself.

“Idk if it's you or ya “OG Uncle” that needs to see it… but I GOT MY PAPERWORK ready to show!!! PULL UP!!!” T.I wrote in the post. “My number the same & my address the same my n**ga. To get on da net & speak on sh*t you've never spoke to me about is leaving me to believe you been hiding ya heart the whole time!!!!”

T.I went on to defend his reputation, citing the “convict code” that states that when in doubt, one should pull out the paperwork. He also accused Boosie of not speaking to him about the matter before going public and suggested that the rapper was only concerned with the opinions of others.

” I'd NEVER speak “certain disrespect” on your name/reputation bout a “IF” homie… da convict code say When in doubt…pull the paperwork out!!! & “IF” you ain't did that…🤐Now … Idk what type of time you on but I say again… “IF”it was a question or confusion bout anything I said you could've called and asked …. so u can report back & tell ya “OG,” T.I continued. “I could Give a F*ck bout what no n**ga thinks bout me!!!!!”

Boosie has yet to respond to T.I's challenge, but the controversy has already caused damage to the two rappers' working relationship. Boosie revealed during the interview with that he had a finished collab album with T.I that would no longer be coming out due to the fallout from the accusations.

The has also ignited a social media feud between the two rappers' fans, with many taking sides and engaging in heated debates online.

The accusation of cooperation with law enforcement is a serious one in the rap community, where it is seen as a violation of the “street code” and can lead to a loss of respect and credibility. While T.I's fans have largely come to his defense, others have criticized him for even hinting at the possibility of cooperation, regardless of whether or not it was true.

Boosie, meanwhile, has faced backlash for his comments, with many fans accusing him of trying to start drama and questioning his own street credibility.

The controversy highlights the complex dynamics of the rap community and the weight placed on reputation and authenticity. It also serves as a reminder that even the most successful and respected artists can find themselves at the center of controversy and subject to criticism.

For now, it remains to be seen whether Boosie will take up T.I's challenge and whether the two rappers will be able to resolve their differences and move past the accusations.

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Written by: Silvia Tine

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