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The Game Challenges Eminem & Disses 50 Cent

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Rapper “” still hopes to go toe-to-toe with in a rap battle.

In his last interview during podcast, The Game teased his upcoming appearance on Uproxx's Fresh Pair show with Katty Customs and Just Blaze, by talking about why he wants to challenge Eminem to a battle.

Although The Game has elicited mixed reactions to his claim that he is a better MC than Eminem, the Compton rapper is serious about competing with the Detroit lyricist.

During the Drink Champs podcast, The Game stated that he believes himself to be better than Eminem. “There are some people who believe that Eminem is better than me, but I'm not one of them,” he said. “I always give him his props in the same breath that I claim my own greatness. As far as being better than him? No, I'm better than him.”

At his recent appearance on Uproxx's Fresh Pair, The Game explained his last statement in the last interview about Eminem: “For some reason people want you to believe that you're not better than people or that you shouldn't think that you're better than people”: he said.

To make his point, The Game compared the late Kobe Bryant to Michael Jordan, showing that although both players were often compared throughout their careers, Kobe maintained his stance as an NBA legend unlike any other.

The controversial rapper continued: “I always told myself that “you're the best rapper in the world”. Otherwise, how do you function? How do you function in this competition? If I said what I said about EM it was to challenge him, to challenge hip-hop. To ignite a rap riot. Not a street fight — let's pull out the straps' but ‘n***a, get up and rap.”

The Game stated that although he viewed Eminem as the greatest rapper of all time, it was because of his history with the Shady records, Black Warsh and Aftermath. “These buildings can push you to sell records, even if you're not so great as you are”: The Game explains.

By this, rapper Game is suggesting that this kind of powerful record label is known for its type of marketing in order to promote artists to a point where their popularity outweighs their actual talent.

Without mentioning names the rapper said: “We know some wack ass rappers that sold a lot of records.”

“At one point in my career I was thinking that Em was better than Jay just based on ‘Renegade' because The Source magazine said Eminem got Jay on that verse, I read that and that shit stayed in my brain”: he explained.

“This game today and EM today, f**k the documentary, the album, and everything that I ever put out upon this day. Fuck everything that you did. I don't care if you're richer if you got more plaques and I don't care if you think you're great, I'm better today, and if I'm not, get up and let's rap. — You did it with MGK, Mariah Carey, and so why not me?”

During the conversation, the host Just Blaze asked the rapper: “Why Em?”

To which the rapper replied, ” You wanna know why? I've got to level up and challenge the better rapper because 50 Cent can't rap. That's why. And not to take anything away from what 50 is doing; he could see it and tweet it but he knows I'm gonna respond or he could go rap about it but he'll lose that battle.”

The West Coast rapper had also some good words for the hip-hop mogul 50 by saying: “I'm definitely a fan of the show Power and his shows. I'm definitely a fan and I think it's great what he's doing but I'm a rapper. He's a rapper, and I am the better rapper.”

The Game continues: “I'm not the better TV producer but when it comes to rap, he can't out rap me. So your buddy can rap, though. Nobody really takes shots at Eminem off this preconceived notion that he's better than everybody. I want action and I want it today. If you are a rapper or a Rap God —the word ‘God' we throw around so loosely, but if we're really talking about God, God controls everything— then control me.”

Watch The Game's Full Interview Below

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Written by: Silvia Tine

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