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Three Gunmen Opened Fire At Quando Rondo And His Crew

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On Friday morning (August 19), rapper Quando Rondo and his entourage were leaving a gas station in LA's Beverly Grove district, when a white car pulled up with three men inside. The unknown individuals opened fire on the vehicle before speeding away.

The County Sheriff's Department responded to a report of a shooting near the intersection of Beverly Boulevard and La Cienega Boulevard at approximately 5:30 p.m.

According to police, three gunmen pulled up to the rapper's black Cadillac Escalade as they were leaving a gas station around 5:30 AM. They opened fire into the black vehicle, killing one man. was not injured.

One man died at the scene, Quando Rondo's friend Lul Pab, who was seriously bleeding and did not survive the attack.

Although rumors are circulating that Quando Rondo himself was injured and rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment, it is unclear how much truth there is behind these rumors because footage from the scene shows him speaking with police officers at length while his friend lay dead in the vehicle.

Rondo's aunt posted a story on her Instagram account in which she talks about the rapper's condition.

“I know y'all are concerned but please stop calling me!!! Please understand I can't talk to him not non of the people I need to be talking to for him if y'all keep calling!! Just kept answering because I think y'all him!: she wrote asking people to stop calling her.

Later on, she revealed that Rondo was doing fine. She wrote: “Maybe I should reword it, he's fine. I spoke with him myself.”

Based on his history Rondo is known for posting fabricated and fake stories in order to promote himself as an artist.

On Wednesday (July 27), Rondo posted an Instagram story saying he was on his way to the hospital, fighting for his life and asking fans to pray for him. This fake post was quickly removed by Rondo after learning and seeing the fact that many users were posting condolences due to the tragic news about Louisiana rapper JayDaYoungan.

was tragically shot and killed on Wednesday July 27 at age 24. Even though the rapper was still actually fighting for his life, internet death rumors were quickly spread on social media.

When Rondo was confronted about his fake post—which seemed to be an attempt at self-promotion and promotion — he responded that someone else had posted that message and that he wasn't aware of it.

Now that everyone has seen how quickly tragedies are picked up by the media and become trending topics on social media, many people wonder whether this shooting wasn't something that Rondo set up in order to gain more fame. The conspiracy theories and rumors are already spreading on social media.

A spokesperson for Quando Rondo said that he was not injured in the shooting but that he has been “very shaken up” by the . He is currently cooperating with the police as they investigate what happened.

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Written by: Silvia Tine

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