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Tory Lanez Speaks Out from Jail as Sentencing Approaches

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Tory Lanez, the popular Canadian rapper, has once again made headlines with a message and a preview of his latest leaked song, “Hurts Me.” Despite his current incarceration, Lanez remains resolute in his faith and determination to make a positive impact on the world.

In a recent Instagram post, Lanez shared a message of hope with his family, friends, and fans. He expressed his unwavering belief in God and his high spirits, assuring everyone that he hasn't lost faith. Lanez revealed that he has spent the past seven months rehabilitating his mind, body, and soul, using his jail cell as a makeshift work office.

In his post captions, referred to his now leaked song as an “Umbrella Update” featuring Yoko Gold and himself, titled “Hurts Me,” set to release at 12 AM tonight.”

Lanez who was found guilty of three felony charges in connection with a 2020 shooting involving , could potentially be sentenced to more than 20 years in prison. Initially scheduled for July 13th, Lanez's sentencing has been rescheduled and is now planned for August 7th. Nevertheless, Lanez remains steadfast in his dedication to his and his determination to spread positivity to those around him, despite the impending sentencing and the obstacles he currently confronts.

The leaked song, “Hurts Me,” features Yoko God and holds special significance for Lanez. He explained that the song was originally created two and a half years ago for Yoko God's project but was left untouched until now. Lanez expressed gratitude to his fans, affectionately called the “Umbrellas,” for leaking the record and giving it new life. He believes that this unexpected turn of events was part of a greater plan.

The message posted on Instagram says: “Two and a half years ago my brother Yoko and I orchestrated this record for his project, we never thought nothing of it. It collected dust in a hard drive. Guess God had a different plan for it. Never thought I'd say this but I wanna thank the Umbrellas for LEAKING this record. Yoko it's your time. Hold the Umbrella down while I'm gone.”

While awaiting his sentencing, which has been rescheduled for August 7th, Lanez has filed an appeal in an effort to challenge his conviction in the Megan Thee Stallion shooting case. If his appeal is unsuccessful, he may face deportation to Canada in addition to a potential 13-year prison term.

Despite the legal battle and the uncertainties ahead, Lanez remains determined to continue his music career and maintain his connection with his fanbase. He announced that all updates, including new music, merchandise, and announcements related to his record label, One Umbrella, will be promoted on his main page through his dedicated team.

Tory Lanez inspires a lot of people with his music. He shows that even when things are tough, he doesn't give up. Fans are excited about his song “Hurts Me” and believe he'll overcome any obstacles and keep succeeding in the music industry.

Written by: Silvia Tine

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