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Tyga Apologizes For “Ay Caramba” Video, Removes It From YouTube

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Tyga‘s new video “Ay Caramba” has sparked a lot of controversies, the video has been taken down by the rapper after receiving backlash from the Mexican American community. While some people don't see anything wrong with it, others feel that it is racist and disrespectful.

Many people have expressed their opinion on 's video “Ay Caramba”, which they found to be disrespectful towards the Mexicans. Some people even called out Tyga on social media, saying that his attempt at comedy was not funny and only served to perpetuate stereotypes about Mexican .

Tyga showed up Thursday (July 28) at the Power 106 studios to sit at a table with the L.A. Leakers Justin Credible, DJ Sourmilk, and Gil Tejada from the podcast , to discuss their different opinions on the matter.

During the conversation, Tyga explained that he wasn't trying to disrespect anyone with his new song; his intent was to make a funny video, not one that would offend anyone.

The “Rack City” rapper went on to say that he made the video as a joke and was surprised by how many people took offense.

Cholo started out by making it clear that he wasn't looking to criticize Tyga or point fingers; rather, he was just trying to find some ground because, among the Mexican community, it wasn't the song per itself that was offensive, but rather the music video.

“I'm looking at the video and originally I see greasy fat Mexican eating chips, room all dirty, and then when he's outside in the low rider you got tortilla chips falling down: “Cholo explains.

In order to illustrate his viewpoint, Cholo gave Tyga an example of why the video is offensive to some Latinos. He said: “When I flip the script and say let's put an African-American man sitting down on a couch, dirty ass room eating some fried chicken, goes outside into the low rider scene and then you got watermelons falling from the sky. You see what we're talking?”

In response, Tyga said: “I was in Europe and I started seeing a lot of people offended by the video and I was kind of confused. I tried to ask a lot of my friends that I grew up with that were Mexican, like, why are people offended I've always done Latin records.”

Later, Tyga expressed his genuine apologies to the Mexican community and its fans. He said: “I had no intentions of offending anybody. I want to apologize to the Mexican community and my Mexican fans. I have a lot of Latin fans that are Puerto Rican, and Dominican that probably wasn't offended by this video but my Mexican fans in LA definitely some were offended by this video.”

Adam the host of No Jumper brought up this topic on his podcast and had Latin rapper Lil Weirdo come on as a guest to talk about his opinion on the situation surrounding Tyga's “Ay Caramba” video.

When asked by Adam if he found the Ay Caramba video offensive, the Latin rapper replied: “Me personally I'm not worried about it but if that's what my people is pushing, we tripping. I guess we tripping. I don't think the song was that serious and I feel like them tripping on Tyga.”

It seems like people have different opinions on the Tyga video—some people think it was funny, but others thought it was extremely disrespectful.

In response to all the controversy surrounding his video, Tyga has decided to remove it from public view.

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Written by: Silvia Tine

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