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Tyrese Gibson Responds to DJ Envy’s Accusations “I Got Receipts”

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The multi-talented actor and singer Tyrese Gibson recently sat down with and on , where he spilled the beans on his rocky relationship with his ex-wife and faced some past tensions with the hosts. This interview, posted on The Breakfast Club's YouTube channel on September 7, got everyone talking on social media.

During the interview, you could cut the tension with a knife. It was clear that there were some unresolved issues between and the hosts due to past circumstances. However, as the conversation progressed, it seemed like they began to understand each other better, and apologies were even exchanged at the end.

Once the interview was online, social media jumped on a part where DJ Envy talked about why he had stopped talking to Tyrese back then. DJ Envy claimed that he stopped communicating with Tyrese because he had been disrespectful towards his wife.

However, it was this particular comment, “Some of the things you said, Tyrese, deserve me to box your mouth,” from the whole interview that the media singled out and shared all over social media.

When this specific snippet started circulating incessantly on various social media platforms, it prompted Tyrese to reconsider DJ Envy's words. This led him to take to his Instagram page to directly address DJ Envy.

Tyrese took to social media to address the situation that has been keeping him up at night. The actor took a deep dive into his text messages to get to the bottom of the matter. He pointed out the remarkable feature of AI messaging, which lets users retrieve past messages. With great attention to detail, he sifted through his chats with DJ Envy and his wife, all in pursuit of concrete evidence regarding any disrespectful comments.

The actor talked about himself, saying he's usually around great people like girlfriends, ex-partners, and married folks. He said he doesn't like to be disrespectful to someone's spouse on purpose, that's just not who he is. He admitted that DJ Envy and his wife might have gotten the wrong idea, but he couldn't find any messages where he was disrespectful to them.


Tyrese continued by addressing the accusations made by DJ Envy. He expressed his willingness to address his actions and apologize when necessary, as he had mentioned in the interview. Still, he wanted to clarify the situation by presenting some receipts.

Tyrese didn't only make one video to share his feelings. In another video, he was holding back tears as he talked. He said that during the Breakfast Club interview, they had taken everything from him, but he was determined to stay in that seat.

Starting the day with a casual ‘Good morning,' Tyrese talked about how tough the interview on the Breakfast Club had been, and how it revealed some upsetting things. Tyrese said he was making a decision, a choice he wished the hosts had made for him during the last five years when he was going through hard times.

Tyrese expressed, “I must be triggered. I must be annoyed. You know, I got people saying, ‘Check on Tyrese,' y'all go check on him because y'all know that was a very, very hard conversation to have.”

The Fast & Furious actor then made a decision: “I'm gonna make a choice to leave this alone.” Tyrese went on to reveal the internal struggle he faced during the interview. “The moment that DJ Envy said, ‘I should box you in your mouth or whatever,' it took everything in me to stay seated in that seat.”

The ups and downs of emotions continued as Tyrese shared his feelings of being upset with Charlamagne and DJ Envy for not being understanding. He talked about how important it is to think about mental health and having empathy. He wanted them to imagine how their words could affect his mental health.

With tears in his eyes, Tyrese talked about how he decided not to fight back even though people said mean things about him. Instead, he chose to wish the others success in their jobs, marriages, and family life. He also said nice things about Jess, who had shown kindness during the interview and had the only kind heart in the room.


Tyrese called out those who turned their backs on him during tough times, stating, “For everybody who knows me and for everybody who turned on me, never called, never checked on me, never came, never tried to pull up on me, never tried to come put their eyes on me and make sure I was good—I know one thing's for sure, as you all watched this Breakfast Club interview, y'all were happy as hell. I never called your name, but you turned your back on me too.”

On his Instagram page, Tyrese shared a picture of him sitting at the Breakfast Club alongside Charlamagne. He captioned this particular picture with the following message:

“I posted this specific photo of Charlemagne because although I was annoyed as fuck at the random jokes, that he was throwing in, while I was in the middle of all of my vulnerabilities, and expressing the traumas, and the sentiments in and around those adverse effects that happen with my psych meds, one of my biggest takeaways was somewhere in Charlemagne's mind.”

“I'm sure he knew that I was coming in that motherfucker with a A.R. 15 level of animosity lol a tank fully loaded arsenal ready to shoot up the club lol with issues that's been festering between me him and DJ Envy”

“So every time he cracked a joke, it was annoying and felt insensitive but it was strategic because he KNEW if he doesn't figure out a way to keep this shit LIGHT….”

“A grown ass man telling another grown ass man that he wanted to “I wanted to box you in your mouth???” or whatever that weak shit was, would of went into levels that none of us would of wanted it to get to…”

“I'm gonna stay on this journey I hope in our OWN way we have someone have more black men to speak OPENLY and unpack hard conversations about real shit that's been said of festering.”

For those who may be wondering what all the fuss is about and haven't had a chance to watch the interview, you can catch the entire video here. It's always best to see the whole story firsthand to form your own opinion.

Written by: Silvia Tine

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