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Wack 100 and Spiffie Luciano Feud Takes Unexpected Turn

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Heated exchanges between industry figures Wack 100 and 's protege have spilled over from the virtual world to the streets of L.A., raising concerns among fans and followers.

It all kicked off on “The Adam & Wack Show,” a segment of the platform, where Wack 100 allegedly made disparaging remarks about the late . This didn't sit well with Spiffie Luciano, a rising artist under Boosie's wing, who took offense to Wack's comments.

Wack 100, known for his outspoken nature and involvement in various hip-hop beefs, found himself at odds with Spiffie Luciano, a rising star signed to . The tension between the two began during Wack 100's feud with Boosie, which stemmed from Wack's creation of a group called “The Exposures,” aimed at exposing alleged industry snitches.

Their first target was BG, whose questionable paperwork was brought to light. However, this move didn't sit well with Boosie. He publicly criticized Wack 100, labeling him a clown for labeling BG as a rat. Unwilling to back down, Wack 100 took to the audio-based social media app “Clubhouse” to confront Boosie directly. He issued a stern warning, declaring that when they crossed paths, it would be on.

Despite Boosie and Wack100 setting their differences aside and seemingly being on good terms, Spiffie felt compelled to defend his mentor's honor. Spiffie, who had mad respect for Boosie, was deeply affected by Wack 100's perceived disrespect towards Boosie and took to Instagram to express his grievances.


During an intense Instagram Live session, Spiffie Luciano unleashed his anger towards Wack 100. To Spiffie, this conflict goes beyond superficial industry politics; it cuts to the core of his personal ties. It's not solely about the Boosie's remarks but also concerns Wack's previous statements regarding the late Nipsey Hussle.

Now , the face behind the popular No Jumper platform, is no stranger to controversy. Known for his knack for creating sensational content, Adam has been accused of deliberately instigating conflicts to boost views on his platform. And the latest feud between Wack 100 and Spiffie seems to be no exception.

Innocently enough, or so it seemed, during one of the episodes of “The Adam & Wack Show” on No Jumper. Wack, played it cool when Adam brought up the video of Spiffie dissing him. Claiming ignorance of Spiffie's identity, Wack kept the conversation brief. However, Adam's subsequent interview with Spiffie only added fuel to the fire.


During the No Jumper interview with Spiffie, the rapper didn't hold back, expressing his desire to swap Wack 100 for the late Nipsey Hussle, essentially wishing for Wack's demise and Nipsey's return to earth. When Wack caught wind of the interview, he wasted no time addressing it on his show and invited Adam to call Spiffie live on air.

Things got real heated between Wack and Spiffie, and tensions shot up real quick. Wack, trying to wrap his head around Spiffie's , ended up getting hit with some serious accusations. Not just about Boosie's comments, but also about stuff Wack said in the past about the late Nipsey Hussle.

One particularly contentious issue arose from Wack's appearance on , where he purportedly discussed Nipsey's involvement in a matter related to homosexuality, sparking speculation and rumors. Essentially, this pertains to when leaked an audio recording of Wack 100 confirming his viewing of a video involving Nipsey in certain encounters. Spiffie confronted Wack about these remarks, citing them as the underlying cause of his animosity towards him.

In a bold move, Wack 100 invited Spiffie to watch the alleged controversial video concerning Nipsey, even offering a bet of $2500 on its authenticity. However, Spiffie wisely declined the invitation, recognizing the potential for further escalation and violence.


The bet? $2500, later upped to $50,000, on the authenticity of a video purportedly containing sensitive content involving the late Nipsey Hussle. But as the stakes rose, so did tensions, leading to a standoff between the two parties.

The offer was simple: Wack 100 proposed that Spiffie watch the alleged video in question, supposedly confirming allegations about Nipsey Hussle's personal life. If the video turned out to be genuine, Spiffie would owe Wack the agreed-upon sum. However, if the video proved false, Wack would owe Spiffie the same amount.

However, Spiffie was quick to decline the offer, recognizing the potential for further escalation and violence. Despite the allure of the hefty wager, Spiffie wisely chose to avoid getting entangled in a potentially dangerous situation.

The dynamics of betting came into play, with Wack 100's willingness to wager such a substantial sum suggesting a level of confidence in the video's authenticity. However, Spiffie's reluctance to accept the bet hinted at skepticism regarding the video's veracity or, perhaps, a desire to avoid unnecessary conflict.


Wack 100 attempted to reassure Spiffie, suggesting that the bet was merely a gentleman's agreement and offering to facilitate a viewing of the video with the property owner's consent. But even this gesture failed to sway Spiffie, who remained steadfast in his decision to decline the offer.

As the conversation progressed, tensions reached a boiling point, with Wack 100 veering into provocative territory, threatening to spit on Spiffie and engaging in heated exchanges. What began as a simple bet quickly escalated into a display of aggression and hostility, showcasing the volatile nature of hip-hop beefs and the potential for confrontations to spiral out of control.

As tensions simmered between Wack and Spiffie following their on-air confrontation, the aftermath took an unexpected turn. A few folks from Nipsey's crew, feeling upset about the things said about the late rapper, wanted payback from Wack 100's friend, Six Hunnet. They wanted to see the controversial video and pushed Six Hunnet to work out a deal with Wack 100.

600 was caught in the middle because he's connected to both sides. Nipsey's crew wanted answers from him because of what Wack said about Nipsey on No Jumper. They're straight-up telling 600 that if he's gonna roll with Wack, he better show up in the neighborhood and settle things like a man.


Then they started pressuring 600 about the $50,000 bet that Wack 100 wanted to make regarding the Nipsey video. They were telling 600 that they had the $50,000 ready and he needed to arrange it quickly.

Once the video hit the web, all hell broke loose. Rumors and gossip spread like wildfire, fueled by trolls and YouTubers looking to stir up trouble. Some even suggested that 600 marked out. But 600 wasn't having any of it. He jumped on his own YouTube channel to set things straight, standing tall and shutting down any talk of beef with his hood.

, who's been keeping an eye on all the drama, couldn't believe how quickly things went from just talking to a full-on social media showdown. It all began with a casual chat on No Jumper, but now it's blown up into a crazy mess of Instagram Lives, political games, and beefing, leaving everyone scratching their heads at how fast and intense it's all gotten.

But in the midst of all this craziness, there's one guy who stands out: Adam22, the brains behind No Jumper. Adam's known for stirring things up and making the most of drama. His role in all this drama can't be overlooked. When he brought Spiffie Luciano into the mix and got him talking with Wack 100 again, it set off a whole chain of events that's got everyone in the hip-hop scene shaking their heads.

While Adam and others profit from the spectacle, the potential consequences for those involved are far more serious. With tensions running high and threats looming, the line between online entertainment and real-life consequences has blurred. In a world where clout-chasing and internet feuds reign supreme, the stakes have never been higher, and the streets are watching closely to see how it all unfolds.

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Written by: Silvia Tine

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