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Who Cropped Cara Delevingne Out of the Picture with Megan and Doja Cat?

todayMay 19, 2022 224

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DID or DIDN'T Erase Cara Delevingne From The Picture

Megan Thee Stallion has uploaded a photo of her and Doja Cat posing together, with Cara Delevingne cut out, from a fan account.

was sitting in front of Megan and Cara in the original photograph, which was uploaded on photo database Getty Images.

During the carpet photo shoot Cara jumped into the shot and picked up Megan's dress tail during her red carpet photo moment. Fans began to wonder what was going on with Cara “actin weird”,with many on social media assuming that she was high on drugs or intoxicated.

Megan handled the disturbance in calmly, but it's obvious from her expression that she's not pleased with Cara's unexpected approach.

Megan appeared to affirm this when she uploaded the exact same photo that had Cara in it before she was edited out.

But did Megan really erased Cara from the picture, or was it someone else behind this?

Everyone on social media started to make their own assumptions.

One fan tweeted: “Megan cropping Cara Delevingne out of that photo with her and Doja is so funny for no reason.”

A video of Doja Cat and Megan conversing was shot as the surprising trio was sat together. Cara appears in the frame shortly after and praises Doja Cat.

Cara was seen in the video expressing how much she adores Megan in which Doja responded “I adore you too, I really like you two together.” In which Megan replied: “That's my model bitch.”

The model expressed her joy for Megan as the news was revealed about her receiving the award for Top Rap Female Artist.

Delevingne stuck out her tongue and grabbed the tail of Meg's dress as the star walked away to receive her prize.

The model raised further questions when she was shortly spotted rolling around on the floor to photograph Doja Cat, , and together.

Pop Crave tweeted: “Cara Delevingne on the floor taking photos of Doja Cat, Fat Joe and DJ Khaled at the #BBMAs.”

According to the publication, Megan or someone from her team manipulated the original photo to erase Cara. However, some assume that the photo was edited by a fan and that Meg just shared it without realizing that Delevinge had been erased.

The question on everyone's mind: Who cropped Cara Delevingne out of the picture ?

The answer is… still unknown. But there's a new suspect in the case, and it's funny enough Diddy.

is known for his habit of taking pictures with celebrities and then cropping out the other celebs in the picture. He made headlines in the past when he cropped Kendall and Kylie Jenner out of a picture.

And now some people believe that Diddy is behind the cropping of Cara Delevingne.

In 2018, Diddy cropped Fabolous and cut out when he took a picture with Nas, Kendrick Lamar, and Jay-Z.

We may never know who cropped Cara Delevingne out of the photo with Megan and Coja. But we do know one thing: whoever did it is an absolute savage!

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Written by: Silvia Tine

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