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Why Did The Game Remove NBA YoungBoy & Nipsey Hussle From His New Album?

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The Game has responded to claims made by Wack 100 that he removed NBA YoungBoy song “O.P.P.” from the DRILLMATIC album due to a high feature price.

During the Clubhouse podcast Wack 100, claimed that YoungBoy initially charged $300.000 for a feature but came down to accept an offer of $150.000. However, they were unable to afford it and had to remove him from the project.

When asking Wack 100 why Game removed YoungBoy's song “O.P.P.” from the album he said: “ does all the rapping, I do all the business.”

“YoungBoy gave me a hell of a deal, but that would have cut into my marketing budget; I had to make an executive decision on whether or not I wanted to take the tab he sent me—which was respectable and great—but it would have eaten up too much money.”: he said.

But The Game disputes these claims. In fact, he commented under XXL magazine's Instagram post that the reason he removed YoungBoy from DRILLMATIC: Heart vs. Mind album was that he never pays for verses in the first place! His reasoning? He's been in the industry for over 20 years and has never had to pay anyone for a verse.


The Game commented under the post “I ain't never paid for a verse in my life n**gga…200k for a 16 never & day blood!!!

In addition to the YoungBoy song “O.P.P”, Nipsey Hussle‘s brother has also asked The Game to remove his brother's verse from Drillmatic.


Blacc Sam, recently demanded that The Game remove his brother's verse in the song “World Tours.”

The reason? Wack 100 allegedly made disrespectful comments in the past about Hussle.

Wack 100 has been criticized for praising the man who killed the rapper, and saying that Hussle is not a legend. His statements caused an uproar in the hip-hop community—especially on the West Coast.

During Blacc Sam's request for the removal of his brother's verse, Wack went so far as to call Nip's brother selfish. He stated that he should have thought about Hussle's children who could benefit from royalties earned by the song if it was released.


“He is selfish of not acknowledging that Nipsey song release on the Game's album contributes towards Nipsey catalog which contributes towards Nipsey publishing which contributes towards Nipsey royalties which contribute towards providing for Nipsey's kids.”: he said.

During the podcast Wack continued lashing out at 's brother over the removal. He said: “It was mixed and mastered. I got an email from my attorney at about 7:30, an hour and a half before the drop. Nipsey's brother puts demand that it be pulled. That's why I'd be telling Game what it is and what it ain't. This n*ggas being on their feelings.”

Wack highlighted that The Game has been a supporter of Nipsey Hussle and has done many things to show it, including wrapping his Limbo in blue and putting Nipsey's face on it. He also said that Blacc Sam is being selfish and disregards the acknowledgment that The Game has given Nipsey since he was killed.

“The Game himself is the one that helped Nipsey get his first deal. That day when he allowed him to go on that tour….towards what got Nip in his first deal. He didn't have to do that but he did it”: he said.


Wack ended their conversation by saying: “Hopefully he thinks about it because it's bigger than him. That track could have gone three four five times platinum. You know what kind of check that would have created for his kids? Nice check!”

Blacc Sam has more love and respect for his brother than money—something Wack can't understand. But the removal request is not about the Game; it stems from disrespectful statements made by Wack towards Nipsey.

Many people would agree with Blacc Sam: “We're not doing that.”

Written by: Silvia Tine

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